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Acne Antibiotics

 Acne Antibiotics  Acne Antibiotics  Acne Antibiotics

 Because acne is caused at least in part from bacteria, it is very helpful to many to actually use antibiotics to help treat the condition. There are several options that can work for you, depending on what is causing your acne and your doctor’s decision on how to treat them. It is necessary for you to seek out a doctor to help in the purchase of prescription antibiotics, but many are given by family doctors for patients that are in need.

The antibiotics that can be used to treat acne can do so in the form of either a topical product or an oral antibiotic. It has been shown that they offer about the same type of help no matter how they are used and applied. Topical products can actually be better for some individuals because they do not cause any real side effects that ingesting can cause such as stomach problems and drug interactions with other medications that you are taking. The most common types of antibiotics for topical treatments of acne include clindamycin, erythromycin and in some cases tetracycline.

On the other hand, oral antibiotics can be beneficial as well as topical products. If you have a large area that is in need of treatment, these can be quite difficult to treat with topical ointments. It can be easier then to just take the medication orally. The oral options to treat acne include tetracycline or erythromycin. These are the most common options for oral antibiotics for acne treatment. These medications can help you to stop the bacteria that is irritating your skin and therefore causing it to be irritated, but this does not, by itself, improve the acne that you have. As soon as the bacterium gets to the pores, again, you still have a problem.

It is necessary to treat acne in several ways, in most people. Usually, it is the combination of factors and treatments that allows you to get the most benefit from acne relief. Antibiotics like these can and do help with the relief of acne but they do much better when they are combined with other methods. Often, the problem lies in how much oil the skin is absorbing. When this is the case, it is essential that the oil glands are regulated at well or you will just be attracting new bacteria to the pores. If you stop taking your antibiotics and still have the right opportunities for acne to reappear, it can be only a few weeks to even a few days until you see acne forming again.

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