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The Top Ten Tips for Curing Acne

The Top Ten Tips for Curing Acne The Top Ten Tips for Curing Acne The Top Ten Tips for Curing Acne

Acne is the most common skin problem in the entire world, meaning literally millions are suffering from it as you’re reading this. Most of them, despite all the acne treatments out there, still can’t find a successful way to cure there problem. This is mainly because many people make mistakes in this process. 

To make sure that you don’t become one of them, below I have written a list of the do’s and don’ts when curing your acne problem that anyone who is trying to cure acne should read. 

1. Never, ever under any circumstances buy acne treatment products that only claim to treat acne. No matter how common it is, without evidence to show and prove that it truly is a cure, it most likely some sort of scam. 

2. Don’t give up. This may seem simple, but many people seem to give up when trying curing acne thinking it can’t be done, trust me it can. So keep your hopes high, and do not give up. 

3. Make sure your read Acne Treatment Reviews to make sure that if you decide to use an acne treatment you don’t get ripped of. These sorts of sites can really help you know what you’re buying, especially as acne cure scams are now becoming much more common. 

4. Drink lots of water. One of the main reasons why acne continues on, sometimes beyond teenage years, is due to dehydrated skin. This dry skin will not be able to get rid of dead skin cells, blocking pores and causing more acne. To avoid this you should drink at least 2 litres of mineral water per day. 

5. Get rid of stress. It is now scientifically proven that people suffering from stress are much more likely to have an acne problem in their life. This is because of the hormone cortisol being released during stress that causes acne. In order to lose this stress you must first identify the symptoms early on, and make sure you take action. Exercise such as yoga and tai chi can reduce stress greatly. But regular meditation has shown to be the most effective, curing acne altogether in some cases. 

6. Carbohydrates and sugar can cause acne by releasing a small amount of hormones that create oil called sebum on the skin. This sebum encourages bacteria to grow and these bacteria can then block pores, stopping the oil from being released trapping it inside. Eating food with high fat content such as chocolate, fast food and fried food should be avoided if at all possible.

 7. Caffeine causes acne by releasing stress hormones in the body which can lead to acne. I advise cutting back on tea and coffee or trying caffeine free tea for a change. 

8. Sunshine can help the treatment of acne by creating vitamin d, which is essential for healthy skin. However too much sun can block pores, even a slight tan can cause further acne problems. 

9. Fresh air can help by sending oxygen to the skin keeping it healthy, and can also relieve stress preventing acne.10. Use natural products on your skin. Many skin care products and acne treatments out today can actually aggravate skin. They do this by removing the skin of its natural oils, the skin then compensates for this by making more oil leading to more blocked pores and more acne. This side effect is very common amongst these types of products, and even dermatologists will say the same. So avoid using any products that aren’t confirmed to have no side effects.

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