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Start Your Acne Free Life Today

Start Your Acne Free Life Today Start Your Acne Free Life Today

For most people, Acne is something they exoerienced in their adolescence while a lot of people can only dream of living acne free as it continues to afflict them into adulthood and above.The simple fact here is that living Acne free is about adopting a lifestyle that creates by default good conditions for your skin and therefore prevents the development of Acne.The two biggest culprits as far as Acne is concerned are Dirt and Oil.They clog the pores causing the body to react. This reaction can be seen as white heads, black heads and cysts.To therefore be free from Acne, a person needs to make sure their skin is free of Dirtand Oil. It becomes a task to be taken seriously.

How easy is this task since a healthy body naturally produces Oil to remain healthy? Well the thing is that we are concerned about the excess Oil. That is what causes the problem. The dirt issue is a simpler matter. It is external and can be gotten rid of with relative ease unlike oil which is generated from within. Having these fact etched in our minds, our quest to be acne free becomes feasible.Like most things that work, the first thing is a skin care routine.It is absolutely necessary tohave them and implement them daily because the result you seek doesn't come overnight. 

This routineshould include, exfoliating, toning, mostorizing and Cleansing.You may need to do spot treatment for dry skin, oily skin and when you have a breakout to complement the routine so you need to have  spot treatment plans.Dry skin encourages the skin to produce more oil and therefore can easily lead to acne.Therefore dry skin needs to be moisturized with non-oil based moisturizer. When excess oil is produced we say one has Oily skin and this like we should know now,isthe breeding ground for acne. The correct products used in your daily skin care routine canreally help to cut down on excess oil production.Acne can be treated with topical creams. Do I need to remind you to follow the directions on the package closely? Please do. Many of these OTC treatments contain ingredients that dry out the skin and can cause more trouble than good should you experience drying.We have a ll taken note of all the recommendations given above. That is lovely but there are other points I need to make. In treating or staying Acne free, a big challenge is keeping your hands off your face. Touching your hand to your face transfers dirt and debris to your face and we know what dirt does to the skin.Form the habit of keeping your hands off your face.

Very importantly, in your choice of make up, choose carefully make up that does not introduce extra Oil to your skin therefore casing the pores to clog. Also do not use things like perfumes or shampoos that irritate your skin.The outcome we want is the result of a process and a process takes time. So those seeking to get rid of Acne,it is possible but you need a bit of patience and the result you want would soon be visible.

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