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Zeno for Acne

Zeno for Acne Zeno for Acne Zeno for Acne


The Zeno Hot Spot is a handheld medical device manufactured by Tyrell Inc. that the manufacturer says uses heat to kill the bacteria that causes pimples. Each device costs $39.99 as of 2010 and has 80 uses per device. The Zeno Hot Spot has several advantages over more traditional acne treatments, including fast application that does not require the use of cleaners, creams and lotions. Scientific research has proven that the device is effective in the treatment of acne.

How it works

The Zeno Hot Spot is a computer-operated handheld device with a treatment tip that delivers a precise amount of heat to destroy acne-causing bacteria. The treatment tip adjusts the heat delivered to the temperature of your skin so that it is not so hot that it burns your skin, yet hot enough to destroy the bacteria. According to Dr. Gene Rubinstein, a board certified dermatologist in Studio City, California, Zeno shortens the life cycle of a pimple and helps to heal the pimple by improving blood flow to the blemish. Zeno requires two AA batteries.

How to Use

To use the Zeno Hot Spot, first press the power button. A light will come on and you will hear a sound to let you know that the device is ready for use. Next, put the device on your pimple and hold it for 2.5 minutes. The device will beep once after every 30 seconds. When you hear several beeps, the treatment is over. Finally, remove the device from the blemish. Dr. Rubinstein recommends that you use Zeno on blemishes two to three times over the first 12 hours that you notice the pimple, with at least three hours between treatments.


The Zeno Hot Spot is best for people with acne that is mild to moderate. Dr. Rubinstein says that Zeno should not replace other skin care regimens and is compatible with other prescription and over the counter skin care programs. It is not effective on whiteheads and blackheads. Zeno is also ineffective for severe acne, including nodular and cystic acne. Severe acne occurs when there are large, hard, raised masses under the skin.

Clinical trial

Zeno's manufacturer conducted a two-week, controlled, randomized and double blind clinical trial to determine the effectiveness and safety of Zeno. The patients tested Zeno in both their homes and in a clinical setting. Subjects had two acne pimples. One received treatment with Zeno and one received treatment with a placebo, or "fake" device. Patients treated their blemishes three times for 2.5 minutes per Zeno treatment. A physician examined the blemishes before each Zeno treatment and on the fifth day.


The manufacturer presented the results of the clinical trial to the United States Food and Drug Administration, resulting in FDA approval for the medical device. In the clinical trial, 90 percent of acne blemishes faded or disappeared within 24 hours; 96 percent faded or disappeared within 48 hours; and 84 percent of acne lesions faded or disappeared after two Zeno treatments. One hundred percent of the acne pimples treated with the Zeno device faded or disappeared within 72 hours as compared to only 75 percent of pimples treated with the placebo device. Investigators found that Zeno-treated pimples improved more than two days faster than placebo-treated pimples.

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