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Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition

Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition


The bark from the yohimbe tree has been utilized in traditional folk remedies for hundreds of years. Before it came to the US and packaged by Ultimate Nutrition as the remedy for a missing "sexual spark," Africans and Europeans used the antiseptic and pain-relieving qualities of yohimbe. Presently, yohimbe is most widely used to treat male impotence. Yohimbine and yohimbe bark should not be taken by children, women who are pregnant or nursing or elderly people.

Yohimbe Origin

The Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition product line stems from an evergreen tree native to Nigeria, Congo and other West African countries. The bark of the tree has been used historically in African folk medicine to promote sexual vitality as a natural aphrodisiac. The American Cancer Society states that in the US, the drug yohimbine hydrochloride is available by prescription as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and yohimbe supplements can be purchased through the Internet or in health food stores.

Yohimbe Bark

The active ingredient in Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition is yohimbine, a chemical contained in yohimbe bark. The National Institutes of Health states that yohimbine works as a sexual stimulant by increasing blood flow and nerve impulses to genitalia. The American Cancer Society reports that after analyzing a number of commercial over-the-counter yohimbe bark products, the Federal Drug Administration found most bark supplements contained little to no yohimbine. Yohimbe Ultimate Nutrition claims its yohimbe supplement contains 1 percent yohimbine per 800 mg tablet.


Clinical trials on the effectiveness of yohimbine for treating impotence have rendered mixed results. Most trials found yohimbine to be a beneficial treatment for mild impotence caused by varying psychological factors. The potential role of yohimbine in treating impotence that derives from purely physical factors has been significantly harder to pinpoint. The National Institutes of Health reports that yohimbine may quell the sexual side effects often associated with prescription medications used in treating depression.

Orgasmic Dysfunction

In a 2007 edition of the "Asian Journal of Andrology," researchers at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology reported yohimbine to be a useful treatment in male orgasmic dysfunction. Of the 29 men who participated, 52 percent sought help with fertility problems; the remaining 48 percent desired to achieve orgasm. After administering a 20 mg daily dose of yohimbine, researchers said over half of the men reported achieving orgasm and the fertility issues of five men subsided.


Supplements containing yohimbe bark and yohimbine are banned throughout Europe due to reported instances of increased heart rate, blood pressure and kidney failure. Researchers found yohimbine intensifies psychiatric and emotional problems and acts as an MAOI inhibitor that interferes with the chemical processes of certain foods and drinks. This means that taking yohimbine when consuming beer, red wine, liver and smoked or aged cheeses and meats can raise blood pressure levels dangerously high.

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