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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care Winter Skin Care Winter Skin Care

 In almost every part of the world the severe winter weather proves to be very harsh for the skin, particularly for the whole face, hands and feet. Strong cold weather makes your skin reddish, dull and enormously dry. Following are the seven tips to help you with your winter skin care that will maintain a healthy glow on your face during winter.

  • It is highly essential to stay hydrated. Drinking eight glasses of water in a day is highly recommended by experts of the field.
  • Essential fatty acids (EFAs) play vital role in improving the physical well being of your skin, hair, and nails by facilitating in the formation of healthy cell membranes that can efficiently hold water within the cells. To get EFAs, one must eat plenty of seeds, nuts and Pacific Salmon or wild Alaskan. You can even take their supplements.
  • Increase in the amount of antioxidants in your diet through food and supplements is of crucial importance. Eating tomatoes, eggs and blueberries which are highly effective antioxidants is really good to maintain a healthy glow during winter.
  • Getting a facial massage, spending 10 to 20 minutes every day in doing aerobics improves blood flow and its supply to the skin which is really effective in keeping your skin soft and supple during cold weather.
  • Applying a lotion or a humidifier inside the house will minimize the drying effect of the indoor heating. Adding one or two drops rosemary or peppermint to the drinking water will be helpful in keeping your sinuses clear and excite your blood circulation.
  • It is highly advisable to avoid using conventional soaps and body washes, their synthetic ingredients take away the natural oils present in your skin. Try to use herbal products for such purposes.
  • Instead of using a conventional lotion try and use body oils as the primary moisturizer. Since most of the lotions are made of water as a major constituent and winter conditions evaporate water present in the skin before it can carry out its job. Body oils do not contain any water and hence they are the purest type of moisturizer. They must be applied on the skin when it’s wet in order to increase absorption.

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