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White Spots During Tanning

White Spots During Tanning White Spots During Tanning

Tanning not only ensures that your skin looks the best shade but has also certain good effects on the general health of the skin. There are two main resources of tanning, one is direct sunlight and the other one is through artificial tanning beds. Sunlight is natural resource of tanning where there is no control environment, you cannot control other factors which can effect your tanning process.
Tanning beds gives controlled environment where no other factors can effect your skin. Some people who tan tend to get white spots, these can be very irritating.

There are many reason for getting white spots. Skin pigmentation, result of any medication reaction, fungus, and pressure points are main causes of white spots. The following are some of the most common factors of these white spots.

Skin Pigmentation:
Genetics trait present in a skin may be a cause of white spots. Genetics traits present in a skin in a form of cells which do not produce melanin thats why they are unaffected by tanning process. This idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis is a genetic disorder that disables the skin from keeping pigments. When a person tans the effected portion seems more prominent due to darker area around it. Unfortunately there is no cure for this type of white spots.

Medicinal Reaction:
Some medicines causes sensitivity to ultraviolet light due to which person gets white spots during tanning. If you tan regularly and you are planning to go on a beach and you are on a some medications then consult your doctor and ask about all side effects of those medicines and sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Most common drugs that cause ultraviolet light sensitivity are contraceptives and antibiotics.

some people may get white spots due to fungal infection called tinea versicolor. This fungus can be spread further if it is not treated properly. These white spots generally form on back, chest, and upper arms which appear to be scaly. These white spots can be treated by some over the counter creams or conditioners. But its better to consult your doctor. If you suffer with this fungal infection, stop tanning immediately. When white spots disappear completely and you have completed your treatment then you can start tanning again. Do not leave treatment when you do not see white spots anymore, if you do that, then there is a probability that white spots may appear again.

Pressure Points:
pressure point is a cause which you may experience only in tanning bed. When a person lying down in a tanning bed, they do not change their position which causes white spots on pressure points. Pressure points are those which most likely to have continuous contact with tanning bed as continuous contact with tanning bed may cause decrease in blood circulation. These pressure points are shoulder blades, hipbones, or elbows. To avoid white spots person should change their positions and move regularly during the whole process. It is the least dangerous cause of white spots.If you observe white spots appearing on your body, just stop tanning and consult your doctor, because doctor treat it accordingly after finding the main reason.

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