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What Is Pro Retinol?

What Is Pro Retinol? What Is Pro Retinol? What Is Pro Retinol?


Pro Retinol is a compound prepared for topical application to the skin. It contains natural or synthetic vitamin A for purposes of improving skin conditions. The product is manufactured by L'Oreal and marketed to women seeking improved skin appearance and a reduction of wrinkles. Academic research supports the use of Pro Retinol for these purposes.

Vitamin A

Retinol, or Vitamin A, is the primary ingredient in Pro Retinol. This vitamin has several positive benefits for the body. It promotes the process of cellular differentiation, which allows cells to naturally reproduce. This has led to many medications incorporating retinol for the treatment of skin disorders. While Pro Retinol does not require a prescription like some retinol products, it contains this same key ingredient as its active compound.


The May 2007 issue of the Archives of Dermatology discussed a study by the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) involving retinol lotions similar to Pro Retinol. Prior to this study, researchers knew that retinol application to the skin could treat wrinkles cause by sun damage. The UMHS study noted that natural aging processes that affect the skin are also reduced by use of retinol lotion. This information significantly extends the conditions for which Pro Retinol is suited.


The UMHS study proves scientifically that lotions like Pro Retinol treat many skin ailments. In addition to sun damage, Pro Retinol is effective for treatment of natural wrinkles on the face and extremities. Pro Retinol also helps other aging symptoms such as skin roughness and exterior ulcers. Regular treatment by retinol solutions strengthens skin, and skin may better withstand injury.

Side Effects

Retinol creams can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sun damage. You can apply other topical lotions containing SPF protection on top of Pro Retinol, if desired. General irritation to the skin may also occur from Pro Retinol. Some consumers may benefit from using small amount of Pro Retinol at first to determine sensitivity. As the skin adapts to the compound, you may increase the amount gradually over time.


The UMHS study analyzed the exact interaction of retinol. Treated skin produced more collagen, which allows the skin to hold greater percentages of water than untreated skin. Additionally, the retinol lotion exposed the skin to higher concentrations of glycosaminoglycans, which also work similarly to collagen.

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