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What Is Murad Acne Complex?

What Is Murad Acne Complex? What Is Murad Acne Complex? What Is Murad Acne Complex?


If you have acne, you know of the hundreds of over-the-counter product lines you have to choose from that claim to treat, reduce and prevent acne. One of these lines is the Murad Acne Complex, a high-end acne treatment system developed by dermatologists with scientifically proven results. The Murad Acne Complex distinguishes itself from other acne treatment lines through its diverse product selection, combination of active ingredients and money-back guarantee.

Core Products

The Murad Acne Complex system has three core products. The Clarifying Cleanser removes surface oils, dirt, makeup and 99.9 percent of bacteria. The Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel penetrates pores to primarily prevent acne, and the Skin Perfecting lotion moisturizes while balancing oil production and reducing redness and irritation.

Supplement Products

Murad asserts that you will achieve clearer skin by using its three core products individually, but it offers several other products that enhance the core line. Supplement cleansers and toners include the Time Release Acne Cleanser, meant for aging skin, Clarifying Toner and Acne Body Wash. Other treatment/repair products include the Clarifying Dietary Supplement, Acne & Wrinkle Reducer, Acne Spot Treatment, Clarifying Body Spray, Clarifying Mask, Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel and Acne Treatment Concealer, which is available in three shades. Supplemental moisturizers include Oil Control Mattifier with SPF 15 and Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 20.

Active Ingredients

A majority of the products in the Murad Acne Complex contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid prevents pores from clogging by reducing the shedding of cells in the hair follicle and breaks down whiteheads and blackheads, according to Other active ingredients include silver citrate, an antibacterial agent; glycolic acid, which exfoliates skin and helps prevent future breakouts from forming; and retinol, another exfoliator that accelerates skin turnover.

Cost and Availability

You can purchase Murad products over the phone, at the company's website and at the cosmetic specialty stores Sephora and Ulta, and their respective websites. The core Murad Acne Complex kit sells for $29.95. You can purchase the core and supplemental products separately online, and their prices range from $21 to $60.

Claims and Guarantees

Ninety-two percent of Murad users observed a reduction in breakouts within three days. Murad guarantees that you will achieve significantly clearer skin within 60 days. If not, the company will return your money to you, even if you used up all of the products.

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