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What Is BioCell Collagen II?

What Is BioCell Collagen II?


BioCell Collagen II is a 100 percent natural dietary supplement that purports to benefit your joint and skin health. BioCell is the company that manufacturers this supplement, and BioCell has patented the combination of ingredients found in this supplement. According to BioCell, the bioavailability of this formula plays an important role in helping your body maintain healthy connective tissues. Further, the supplement promotes joint health and mobility and youthful skin. You should, however, speak with a medical professional prior to taking any BioCell Collagen II supplement.

Joint Support

According to "Collagen: Structure and Mechanics," the main structural building block of joint cartilage is collagen type II. Collagen type II is the most abundant ingredient found in the BioCell Collagen II supplement. Collagen II is a protein that your body has a difficult time absorbing. BioCell claims that the specific formulation of this product makes it easier for your body to process the collagen II. Your body uses collagen II to provide nutrients directly to your joints. These nutrients offer structure and function to the many joints in your body.

SKIN Health

BioCell Collagen II also contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. According to "The HA Anti-Aging Answer," hyaluronic acid acts as a cushion and lubricant in your joints and other tissues. Additionally, hyaluronic acid provides moisture between your cells that can give your skin suppleness and a youthful appearance. Further, hyaluronic acid helps maintain the elasticity of your skin, reducing the formation of wrinkles.


BioCell Collagen II comes in four different grades, and manufacturers of products containing BioCell Collagen II offer several different delivery methods for this health supplement. Manufacturers use BioCell Collagen II Fine Powder in capsules and soft gels. BioCell Collagen II TG is another grade of this supplement typically used to make tablets. BioCell Collagen II TF is a taste-free version used in foods and beverages. BioCell Collagen II CG is a cosmetic grade forumulation specially designed for topical applications.

Natural Ingredients

According to a study published in the February 2007 Food and Chemical Toxicology, BioCell Collagen II appears safe. However, further studies are needed to confirm the safety of this supplement. BioCell Collagen II contains 60 to 65 percent collagen II proteins, 20 percent chondroitin sulfate and 10 percent hyaluronic acid. Additionally, BioCell Collagen II contains glucosamine and other proteoglycans. The manufacturer's suggested dose is 1500 mg.

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