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What Do You Do About Dry Skin on Your Scalp?

What Do You Do About Dry Skin on Your Scalp? What Do You Do About Dry Skin on Your Scalp? What Do You Do About Dry Skin on Your Scalp?


Skin can dry out all over your body, including your scalp, and this can be particularly distressing if your scalp is itchy or prone to dandruff. Many over-the-counter hair care products can help soothe this dryness and keep your scalp moisturized without loading it down with oil. Take care of your hair and scalp daily, and your dryness may begin to decrease. Talk to a doctor if your condition is severe or does not resolve with home treatment.


Shampoo your hair once a day with a moisturizing product, and look for one that also contains an active ingredient designed to combat dry, flaking skin. Using a tar-based shampoo, which is especially effective for treating scalp conditions like psoriasis and dandruff, as it slows down the rate at which your skin cells die and flake off. Get your hair wet with tepid water, and use the tips of your fingers to massage the product onto your scalp for at least a minute, allowing the active ingredient to penetrate. Rinse thoroughly.

Peppermint Oil

Essential oils like peppermint can help relieve dry skin as well. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, applying a cream that contains peppermint oil to your skin can soothe irritations and relieve the uncomfortable feelings that dryness can produce. Acquire a hair cream or lotion that contains menthol, peppermint's active ingredient, place a drop in your palms and work it onto your dry scalp. Repeat this up to four times a day or as directed by your doctor. Never apply pure peppermint oil to your skin, as you may develop an allergic reaction.

General Hair Care

Use only lukewarm water to wash your hair, since hot water can rob your scalp or moisture and increase dryness. Avoid using hair dryers, if possible, as exposure to too much heat can also dry out your scalp. If you think your styling products may be contributing to your dryness, stop using them or switch to products that promise to be gentle and moisturizing.


While pomades or hair oils can help relieve scalp dryness, they may also cause a condition known as seborrhea, an inflammatory reaction in the scalp. Furthermore, if you allow these products to touch your face, they can make you break out. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends applying these products at least an inch behind your hairline, and advises you stop using them altogether and see a dermatologist if you develop a severe reaction.

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