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What Causes Red Bumps on the Face?

What Causes Red Bumps on the Face? What Causes Red Bumps on the Face? What Causes Red Bumps on the Face?

Concealing red bumps on the face is a difficult task. Whereas red bumps on other spots of the body can be covered with clothing, red bumps of the face are there for the world to see, and that can cause embarrassment. Self-diagnosis can be difficult when it comes to red bumps on the face due to myriad possible causes. You do not need to get alarmed at first if you encounter red bumps on your face, but should see a doctor if the problem persists.


Scabies can be contracted from other humans as well as animals, and it is picked up by prolonged contact with a person or animal that has scabies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, scabies starts with an infestation of human itch mites. The mites burrow in the skin and lay eggs. You will experience intense itching and, if the scabies are burrowed in your face, you will will pimpled skin with a rash. Scabies can spread quickly in close situations and is treated with ointments and antibiotics.


Acne leaves whiteheads, blackheads or red bumps on the face and is most common in adolescents but can also affect people in their 20s and 30s. According to the Family Doctor website, acne leaves red bumps after dead skin cells mix with oil and plug up hair follicles. Bacteria builds up and causes skin irritation after that. If the internal walls of a plugged follicle breaks, swelling will occur and the red bump will appear. If the wall breaks near the surface of the skin then a noticeable red pimple will appear. If the wall breaks well below the surface then cysts can develop and that condition is called cystic acne. Picking at pimples can cause scarring. The best way to alleviate red pimples on the face is to wash your face and to place clean, warm rags on the pimples.

Bug Bites

Bites from insects can cause immediate or delayed red bumps on your face. Bee, tick and spider bites must be treated seriously, but mosquito bites and bites from other insects like chiggers, or harvest mites, fleas and bedbugs are not considered to be terribly harmful, according to the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford website. Mosquito bites leave itchy red bumps and it is usually just one large bump. The red bump is an allergic reaction to the chemicals the mosquito injects.

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