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What Are the Treatments for Blemishes That Don't Cause Dry or Flaky Skin?

What Are the Treatments for Blemishes That Don't Cause Dry or Flaky Skin?

Most treatments for blemishes will cause dry or flaky skin. The reason they dry your skin is they are working to eliminate excess oil, which is one of the four main components of acne, along with clogged pores, bacteria and inflammation according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Applying a moisturizer daily after treatment will definitely help if you decide to continue with the standard medications. Even so, some treatments are gentle and don't cause dry or flaky skin.


Zeno is a device made to target individual blemishes. The device is heated and held against the blemish for 2 minutes or more to kill the bacteria within the blemish causing the infection. Results can often be seen within hours, and the product claims to reduce or eliminate 90 percent of blemishes within 24 hours. Zeno is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of acne.


Thermaclear is another hand-held device that emits heat to treat individual blemishes. The technology is based off an FDA study revealing "therma pulse" treatments kill the bacteria within the acne to heal the blemish up to four times faster than blemishes left untreated. According to the Acne Support team, Thermaclear is similar technology to laser treatments used by dermatologists. Thermaclear is applied to individual blemishes for only a few seconds per treatment.


Acnezine acne treatment is a treatment system that includes pills and a moisturizing cream. Ingredients used are all natural and approved by the FDA. The system is designed to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, fight free radicals and provide your skin with proper nutrients to be at its optimum health. The all natural ingredients used eliminate side effects and according to the Acne Support Team, user reviews have confirmed this.


There are many other treatments for blemishes that don't cause dry or flaky skin, and most come in the form of oral medications. Some are all natural and some are not. Effectiveness varies from user to user regardless of what the product sites say. Actimine, Lipovox, AcnEase and Vilantae are four products rated by the Acne Support Team with mixed reviews. Vilantae seems to be the most effective, but users complain of the quantity of pills they must take per day to treat the acne.

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