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What Are the Causes of Teen Acne?

What Are the Causes of Teen Acne? What Are the Causes of Teen Acne? What Are the Causes of Teen Acne?

Acne is a normal and extremely common part of growing up, but many teenagers find acne frustrating when they look in the mirror. Knowing what the causes of acne are can help you better manage your own acne and give you a better sense of confidence.

Clogged Hair Follicles

Known as "acne vulgaris," Family Doctor states that most acne is caused by hormonal changes during puberty. When people go through puberty in their teenage years the oil glands begin producing more sebum, or oil, and the body continuously sheds dead skin cells. The cells then cluster together, mixed with sebum, and hair follicles become clogged.


According to Dr. Donald E. Greydanus of the health website Healthy Children, once the pores are clogged by skin cells and oil, bacteria, known as Propionibacterium acnes, will flourish in the cell. Once the bacteria, oil and skin cells that clog a hair follicle begin to irritate the skin, red acne pimples form. Primarily, chemicals put off by the bacteria that are growing in the follicle cause skin irritation.

Skin and Hair Products

Certain skin and hair products may not cause acne to occur in the first place but they can make it worse, according to Family Doctor. Oil-based or greasy makeup and hair products can add to the oil already being produced by your body, helping to clog pores. Also, the air in greasy restaurant kitchens, where you may work, can also irritate your skin, leaving you with a worse case of acne.

Staph Infection

According to Kids Health, a website about children's health, a staph infection may appear as acne. Generally, staph infections are larger cysts that are harder to treat than generalized acne. Infected acne pimples can become large however, so if you are being affected by large, painful pimples, talking to a physician is important in determining whether or not you have an infection.

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