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What Are the Causes of Chapped Lips in the Corner?

What Are the Causes of Chapped Lips in the Corner? What Are the Causes of Chapped Lips in the Corner?

Chapped lips are dry and red, and may peel or crack. They are uncomfortable and at times painful. The corners can split and bleed, making it difficult to smile, eat or laugh. This could be due to a medical condition. Your lips may be inflamed, hurt to the touch and take a long while to heal. Numerous ways exist to prevent chapped lips and give you relief.


Sun and wind can damage your lips if they are not protected, resulting in splitting or cracking. Exposure to very cold weather will rob your skin of its moisture. Protect your lips using an oil-based cream or lip balm that contains either beeswax or petrolatum, which has sunscreen, according to, and apply it before going outside. If your chapped lips are the result of dry heat indoors, a humidifier can help add moisture to the air to keep your skin from drying out.


Cheilosis, also referred to as cheilitis or angular cheilitis, is an inflammation of the lips that causes the corners of the mouth to become irritated, red, cracked or scaly. Most times it occurs on both sides of the mouth but may only affect one side, according to the Simplesteps website. It is caused by a yeast infection resulting from excess moisture at the corner of the mouth. The excess moisture may be from frequent licking, ill-fitting dentures, malocclusion or dental problems, according to the UAB Medicine website. Skin folds may also develop at the corners of the lips. Treatment of cheilosis usually consists of better-fitting dentures or avoiding habits such as licking your lips. Steroid, antifungal or antibacterial topical medications may be needed for treating the infection. If it is severe enough, antifungal pills may be required.


Smoking dries out your skin. The combination of the smoke, the inhaling and exhaling, and the paper from the cigarette all contribute to robbing your lips of moisture and creating chapped lips. Topical acne creams that have ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are designed to dry the skin of its oils. This can inadvertently irritate your lips and cause the corners of your lips to crack, according to the UAB Medicine website. A skin disorder such as eczema, which is characterized as severely dry skin, can also affect your lips. Keep yourself hydrated, and be sure to breathe through your nose as mouth-breathing can lead to dry, chapped lips as well.

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