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Vitamins for Promoting Clear Skin

Vitamins for Promoting Clear Skin Vitamins for Promoting Clear Skin


People pursue clear skin in many ways such as using cleansers, exfoliators, creams and prescription medication. It is important to realize, that in addition to a good skin care regimen, good nutrition and a healthy diet can help skin look its best. Vitamins are key nutrients that can be obtained from food or supplemented, that help the body function optimally. There are several vitamins that are key for vibrant, luminous and clear skin.

Acne and Blemish Prevention

Effectively dealing with acne once it presents itself is important, but having tools to prevent acne may be more significant. Sufficient vitamin A intake may help to treat acne, notes Internet Health Library. Vitamin C helps to stabilize sebum levels, which helps to promote acne-free skin, notes Care Fair. Sebum, the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin, can contribute to acne formation if overproduced. Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, may help reduce and prevent acne as well, notes Care Fair.

Skin Repair

Blemishes occur; even for individuals with the very best skin care routines. When blemishes occur, it is necessary that the skin repair itself, without causing scarring. Vitamin A plays vital roles in skin repair, healing and maintenance, notes Internet Health Library. Vitamin E works in synergy with vitamin A and selenium, a mineral, to help keep the skin smooth. Finally, vitamin B-2, also called riboflavin, and vitamin B-3, also called niacin, are key nutrients in tissue repair and skin health, notes Health Check Systems.

Skin Maintenance

Vitamins can help keep skin looking its best. Vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen, a building block of the skin, notes Health Check Systems. Vitamin A promotes clear pores by limiting excess skin cell production and reducing dry skin. B vitamin biotin, like collagen, assists the formation of skin, hair and nails.

Sun Damage and Aging

The aging process and sun exposure can both be damaging to the skin. Vitamins A, E and C are all antioxidant vitamins, which mean they eliminate free radicals, products of normal body functions that cause aging related degeneration of the skin. Vitamin A, also called retinol, and vitamin E may help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin E and Vitamin C may also offset the effects of sun damage and promote skin rejuvenation, notes MotherNature.

Food Sources

Vitamins can be obtained in supplement form. However, vitamins gleaned from a healthy diet will not only provide vitamins, but minerals and other nutrients as well. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, mango, butternut squash, tomato and sweet potatoes, notes Health Check Systems. Vitamin C is found in many of the same foods and also in citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli and peppers. B vitamins are found in a wide variety of food sources such as meat, seafood and poultry. Plant oils, seeds and avocado contain vitamin E.

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