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Vitamins for Healthy & Clearer Porcelain Skin

Vitamins for Healthy & Clearer Porcelain Skin Vitamins for Healthy & Clearer Porcelain Skin

Everyone wants soft, porcelain skin that glows. Acne is a common skin issue among people of almost every age. A natural way to help with this problem and to achieve healthy, beautiful and clearer skin is by using vitamins. Vitamins in general will help with clearing acne and getting clear skin, but the ones that are the most effective in particular are vitamins A, B, C and E.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is used for getting clear skin and treating acne. It is vital for skin health and stimulates new cell growth. Vitamin A flushes out free radicals and toxins from the body because it acts like an antioxidant. Vitamin A also strengthens protective skin tissues and reduces sebum production so acne can be prevented. According to, to successfully combat acne, it is recommended that a person take up to 10,000 IU of Vitamin A each day. This is due to the fact that deficiencies in Vitamin A can actually cause acne. Therefore, this vitamin is important in achieving clearer skin.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is also used in maintaining clear skin. Vitamins B1 and B3 enhance circulation, vitamin B5 indirectly reduces acne by reducing stress, vitamin B2 is crucial for healthy skin, and vitamin B6 is essential in the function of antibody production, as states. In particular, vitamin B6 helps with acne that is associated with hormonal imbalances and premenstrual issues. In other words, vitamin B6 is particularly helpful for the acne that women often experience around the time of their monthly period. However, the appropriate daily amount of vitamin B is important since too much of it might actually lead to deficiencies in other vitamins and other health problems. The daily intake of B vitamins should not exceed a range of 10mg to 15mg, as suggests.

Vitamin C

Another vitamin that is necessary for clear skin is vitamin C. As a matter of fact, it is the single most important vitamin for fighting adult acne because it reduces and prevents toxic damage that is done to cells. In addition, vitamin C removes pollutants from the body, as it is a detoxifying agent and an antioxidant. It also helps with "tissue growth and repair, protects against infection and enhances immunity, and [has] an antibacterial effect," as states. The appropriate intake of vitamin C each day is important for overall health, along with getting clear, acne-free skin. As suggested by the Vitamin C Foundation, a person should take roughly 3,000mg per day of vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Yet another vitamin that is necessary for treating acne and achieving clearer skin is vitamin E. It is an antioxidant and enhances tissue repair and healing. It also prevents future cell damage by keeping free radicals from forming. Vitamin E should be taken in moderation, like any other vitamin. About 400 IU should be taken each day. This helps to not only prevent acne but to reverse it and to make the skin smooth and clear.

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