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Vitalize Peel Instructions

Vitalize Peel Instructions Vitalize Peel Instructions


A Vitalize Peel is a cosmetic skin-peeling procedure designed to correct fine lines, age spots, wrinkles and acne. It is performed in a doctor's office or clinic. The Vitalize Peel is a chemical peel, utilizing different acids to remove the top layer of skin from your face, and it is the only superficial peel suitable for every complexion and skin tone, according to the Derma Network. A Vitalize Peel on your face only takes about 20 minutes, but certain instructions must be followed before and after for the procedure to be successful.

Before the Peel

Step 1

Stop using any products containing Accutane six months before the procedure. Accutane is an ingredient in many acne drugs.

Step 2

Refrain from using any products with Retin A, glycolic Acids, or alpha hydroxy acids five days before the procedure.

Step 3

Do not wax the area to be treated with the Vitalize Peel for two weeks before the procedure. Cancel any plans for other peels, medical exfoliation or laser resurfacing if they are scheduled within two weeks of your Vitalize Peel. Refrain from shaving for one to two days prior if you are male.

Step 4

Contact your doctor and cancel the procedure if you have cold sores or are pregnant.

After the Peel

Step 1

Cleanse your face gently and pat it dry, then apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the first night. Cleanse your face, moisturize, and apply SPF on the mornings of days two through six. Cleanse and moisturize on the evenings of days two through six. Have your doctor approve your face cleansers and moisturizers before you use them.

Step 2

Refrain from picking or pulling at your skin as it begins to peel and flake off. Also, don't use any soap or scrub your skin, and do not apply foundation until the skin has peeled. Peeling should take between two and five days. Leave the skin to peel at its own pace.

Step 3

Limit your exposure to the sun for at least one week, and refrain from any strenuous activities for at least two or three days after the Vitalize Peel. Stay away from any other type of facial treatment for ten days after the peel.

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