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Using Laser Treatments To Treat Acne Scars

Acne cure: importance Of Treatment for Acne Acne cure: importance Of Treatment for Acne Using Laser Treatments To Treat Acne Scars Using Laser Treatments To Treat Acne Scars Using Laser Treatments To Treat Acne Scars

Acne can be treated properly but if neglected, it can leave unsightly and disfiguring scars that you surely wouldn?t want to have. But thanks to modern technology, acne scars can now be decreased by numerous acne scar removal treatments offered nowadays. This being said, various techniques in treating and eliminating acne scars have evolved considerably and made many people happy and satisfied with the results.

Years ago, dermabrasion was the most popular method in treating acne scars and this method was done by taking out the skin?s topmost layer by a sanding process. The skin would appear tender and raw after dermabrasion. A skin that is free of scars always took months to achieve but it was quite a painful procedure for acne patients and doctors often use local anesthesia on them.

Doctors also used cosmetic chemical peel in removing acne scars which is another drastic procedure because of the chemicals causing skin blisters. This kind of acne scar treatment was also deemed effective ? the skin starts to show a fresh appearance once the blisters have finally healed and all ready to peel off. Other acne treatment procedures include soft tissue filling and grafting.

Due to the radical means of some of these techniques for acne scar treatment, the birth of the new laser treatments was a very much approved option. With these laser treatments, the doctor maintains total control over the treatment without blood loss. Cosmetic surgeons now employ laser resurfacing to treat other skin flaws and blemishes such as sunburns and wrinkles as well. Truth is, modern laser surgery is so accurate that many surgeons use this to treat eye defects.

A very well-known type of laser-based skin surgery employs the non-ablative laser. In this technique, the laser does not work on the skin?s affected surface to burn; it works directly beneath the skin?s surface, vitalizing collagen production and tightening skin tissues.

But this treatment is not as effective in removing acne scars.

In laser-based acne scar treatment, the doctor employs a handheld laser device to aim at scarred cells, burning them. New skin cells would replace the burned-off ones. Because this treatment is so accurate, the doctor can focus entirely on the affected skin tissue safely. The doctor is also able to estimate the skin?s depth to which the laser goes accurately, allowing him to remove the whole affected skin. Performing this kind of laser treatment for acne scars is very important on delicate facial skin.

Doctors who perform laser-based procedure for acne scars are highly competent in the field and have extensive artistic flair, too, which is an important requirement ? since the doctor must literally re-work the damaged skin tissue using a very precise medical tool such as laser.

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