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Uses of Skin Toner

Uses of Skin Toner Uses of Skin Toner

A skin toner is a cosmetic product typically applied to the face or skin after first cleansing with soap but before using a skin moisturizer. Cosmeticians often recommend this intermediate step to improve the overall health and beauty of the skin. There are many reasons why you might use a skin toner, but whether or not a toner is actually beneficial is a subject of much debate.

Closing Pores

Your cosmetician or even a dermatologist may recommend a skin toner for the purpose of closing pores on your skin. Pores are the surface portals that naturally vent the skin and allow oils to surface for overall skin protection. But for some, pores are large and unsightly. A skin toner may effectively close pores to minimize their appearance. However, this is not entirely beneficial. If you apply other skin products after a skin toner, closed pores could prevent absorption of those products' ingredients. Additionally, it is possible to close pores naturally without the aid of a toner by simply exposing the skin to cold temperatures after cleaning. Simply splashing your face with cold water or rubbing ice briefly over the skin can have similar effects as skin toner in closing pores.

Cleaning Oily Skin

Skin toners typically contain ingredients that dry out the skin. This can actually be unhealthy in most normal skin types, since excessive dryness can irritate and weaken the skin. Natural skin oils are an essential element of maintaining healthy skin, and a toner may remove these unnecessarily. However, some people suffer from exceptionally oily skin. Removing excess oils to bring your skin to a normal state of oiliness is a valid use of skin toner. However even this use is debated. It is possible for oily skin to produce more oil to compensate for the drying caused by the toner. This may worsen a problem in some people. As an alternative, seek only alcohol-free skin toners so oiliness is not affected by the product, for any skin type.

pH Balancing

Acidity is measured by "pH" levels. Some cosmeticians recommend skin toners to maintain a healthy and balanced pH level on the skin. Ideally, this ensures that skin is not too acidic or too base. However, as with other purported uses of skin toner, this use may actually be counterproductive. According to Amanda Lacey, a prominent expert in the field of facial beauty, skin toners can actually throw pH into a state of flux by constantly removing essential oils that help restore balance to the skin. She advocates the use of skin toners that are not labeled as "astringents" or use the word "refining" in their description. They should not contain alcohol and many instead are labeled as "gentle" toners.

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