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Types of Acne Scars

Ice pick scars Keloid scars Boxcar Scars

 Science has not been able to establish the origin of acne. Sure, research has come to show how it develops but there are still some answers missing. What is known thus far is that acne in most occasions causes scarring. It?s the aftereffect of the medical problem that is of dermatological origin. But just as there are different types of acne, there are different types of acne scars as well. The methods of classifications of these kinds of scars are different. The terms used to describe the scars may be different, others scientifically complex. But they pretty much refer to the same thing. Hopefully, by the end of this compilation, you will be able to tell one from another.

Ice pick scars
These kinds of acne scars derive their name from the kind of wounds that an ice pick would inflict. They are narrow and deep, extending well into the dermis. There are other ice pick scars however that are larger, and don?t extend that deep into the skin.

Ice pick scars develop from a deep infection in the skin, mostly the dermis. Upon development, the infection makes its way to the skin surface, creating a cyst. The cyst persists and forms the ice pick scar.

Keloid scars
These kinds of scars are raised over the skin tissue. They are more apparent in the torsos of men. What happens is that there is an elevation in the production of collagen. They are different from ice pick scars in that there is no loss of skin.

By appearance, this kinds of scars look like an accumulated mass of tissue.

Boxcar Scars
Boxcar scars appear like valleys on the skin. These pit scars are created when there is tissue loss in the skin because of an acne breakout. The skin is left without support and therefore collapses under its own weight. A depression is left in place and this is what causes the pits.

The depth of the depression may differ depending on the severity of the acne infection. Usually, the more severe the acne, the more the skin loss and the bigger the boxcar scars.

Rolling Scars 
These give the skin a bumpy appearance. The name rolling is used because of how the scars appear. The best term for description is wave like. Fibrous tissue develops in the subcutaneous region of the skin. They then bind to the epidermis, leading to the creation of the undulations.

Atrophic macules
These scars appear on most parts of the body, including the face and torso. They may be bluish in color, because of the blood vessels passing below them. Though softer compared to the other kinds of scars, they do have a wrinkled kind of base.

Generally, these are among the major types of acne scars that may be apparent in anyone who has suffered the skin condition. They all have a method of treatment where the blemished skin can be restored to perfection. But severe scars are usually hard to come back from. The financial commitment is what is overburdening for most.

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