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Treatments for Teenage and Youth Acne

Treatments for Teenage and Youth Acne Treatments for Teenage and Youth Acne

Approximately 85 percent of adolescents will experience acne, according to the University of Southern California. This is largely due to hormonal changes that affect skin oil production during your teen years. Several over-the-counter skin treatments, from cleansers to medicated lotions, can help you resolve this skin condition for a clearer complexion that's free of blemishes.

Arbonne Clear Advantage Acne Wash

Arbonne adds a dose of salicylic acid to its facial wash, reports skin-care expert Paula Begoun. The acid can effectively exfoliate your skin to prevent clogged pores that may lead to acne, according to the University of Southern California, and it is gentle enough for use whenever your face feels oily or dirty, such as after playing sports.

Philosophy Oil-Free Acne Treatment Gel

The editors of "Women's Health" magazine recommend Philosophy's oil-free treatment gel as a skin-exfoliating blemish-fighter for those who don't want to spend time manually exfoliating the skin. This is for busy teens who are constantly on-the-go between school and social commitments. It clears your complexion with salicylic acid while keeping your skin slightly moisturized with a lightweight, oil-free formulation. Silicone additives help absorb excess oil, so you stay shine-free.

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

Murad's acne-fighting concealer can help treat your blemishes with salicylic acid while immediately disguising them and making them less noticeable using cosmetic pigments. Begoun says the concealer comes in three shades and provides coverage without appearing too thick. Additional herbal skin soothers help to reduce inflammation and redness.

ProActiv Clear Zone Body Pads

If you're a busy teenager and don't always have time to wash your face, ProActiv's cleansing pads can help. Each pad has a textured surface that's pre-moistened with salicylic acid, Begoun says. A couple of quick wipes can help remove oil and dirt on your skin while leaving behind the blemish-fighting acid for long-term acne control. It won't clean as effectively as a full face wash, but it can help on the occasional days that you're late for school or an event.

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