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Treating Acne with Yogurt

Treating Acne with Yogurt Treating Acne with Yogurt Treating Acne with Yogurt

Yogurt is exceptionally effective remedy for treating acne naturally. Yogurt is both dietary component and natural remedy as it possesses numerous antibiotic properties. It strengthens your immune system and kills bacteria within tiny hair follicles. Yogurt not only serves as natural astringent, but also it provides essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals to your skin.

Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. During fermentation, bacteria present in milk converts sugar (lactose) into lactic acid increasing the acidity (pH: 4 to 5). The lactic acid then affect on milk proteins and cause to tangle their molecular structure. The tangled molecules gives yogurt its gel like texture.

As yogurt is fermented milk that contains lactic acid instead of lactose sugar found in ordinary milk. Most people are lactose intolerant as lactose disturb their digestive system. You know malfunctioning in digestive system leads to stimulated sebaceous glands that ultimately results in acne breakouts.

It is a common myth that yogurt may increase infection anywhere within the body as it is full of bacteria. In general cases, it is totally absurd. Yogurt has been widely used for hundreds of centuries as cuisine and medicine for common ailments. Actually, the bacteria that yogurt contains are useful bacteria and harmful bacteria are killed by higher pH level of yogurt. Therefore, yogurt is safe to use unless until your health care professional ask you to prohibit.

As yogurt is acidic in nature, it destroys bacterial colonies within hair follicles that cause infection, inflammation and stimulate sebaceous glands to produce excessive sebum. Certain bacteria are extremely susceptible to higher acidic pH and as a result get killed.

Besides counteracting bacterial infection, yogurt strengthens your immune system. The weak immune system most often stimulate sebaceous glands and stimulate hair follicles. Therefore, promoting healthy immune system is necessary if you want to get cured from successful acne breakouts.

Yogurt contains nutrients like zinc, vitamin B that is required for healthy epithelial tissues. Your hair follicles are soft tissues that need lots of vitamins and oxygen to replace themselves with new ones repeatedly. Therefore, including yogurt in your diet is useful.

How to use yogurt for treating pimples, papules and pustules?
As yogurt is a dietary component, it can be used in various ways. Use of yogurt in cuisine is different among different cultures and countries. Most commonly, yogurt is used in rice, potato dishes etc for adding flavors.

Yogurt is also used topically on pimples, papules and pustules, though it is effective, but its safety is still contradictory. Therefore, prefer oral consumption than topical.

Yogurt is effective home remedy for treating whiteheads and blackheads irrespective of their severity. Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation when bacteria convert lactose sugar into lactic acid. Therefore, yogurt has acidic nature that kills a wide variety of harmful bacteria including propionibacteria. Yogurt also contains essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that takes part in promoting healthy hair follicles and immune system.

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