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Tools for Blackhead Removal

Tools for Blackhead Removal Tools for Blackhead Removal

No one wants a nose full of blackheads. Those nasty black spots can show up on your nose and face. Getting rid of them is no easy task, but several tools are available to help you rid your face of blackheads and give you the clean and clear skin you desire.

Metal Removal Tool

Metal blackhead removal tools come in several shapes and sizes, but they ave a basic design in common, says the Acne Talks website. They are made of metal to be durable and sturdy enough to work with your pliable skin; they generally have a thin handle with a rod and metal hoop at the end. The device is used by placing the small circle of the hoop over the blackhead and pressing down on the skin. The pressure caused by the device and the hole in the hoop causes the blackhead to pop out of place. You can then wipe the device with a tissue to get rid of the blackhead.

Pore Strips

Pore strips are another effective tool used for removing blackheads, says the Nose Cosmetic website. Pore strips contain adhesives that cling to the oil and dirt in the blackheads and lift them from your pores. Easy-to-use, pore strips are wetted and then applied to the skin and allowed to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. After the strip has air dried, you carefully and slowly peel it off the skin. Doing it too fast, like ripping off a bandage, will cause the blackheads to remain in place. As you peel off the pore strip, the blackheads will stick to the strip and leave your pores clean and clear.

Your Hands

One of the most effective blackhead tools out there is free and always accessible, says the Acne Talk website. Your hands and fingers are a great tool for removing blackheads because they are dexterous and can be used to apply just the right amount of pressure for popping out those nasty black spots on your skin. Using your two index fingers, apply pressure to either side of the blackhead until it pops out. Use a tissue or swatch of toilet paper to wipe the popped blackhead from your skin. When using any of these devices, it's important to thoroughly wash and dry your skin, as blackheads leave behind open pores that can be re-filled with dirt, oil, grime and other substances to create a whole new blackhead.

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