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Tools for Blackhead Extraction

Tools for Blackhead Extraction Tools for Blackhead Extraction

A blackhead is a pore that becomes clogged with dirt and oil, according to Kids Health from Nemours. Unlike a whitehead where the pore closes, with a blackhead, the pore remains open, resulting in a small, dark spot that is noticeable in your pores. Blackheads can be embarrassing, so you'll likely want to remove it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, careful and frequent washing won't rid your face of the ugly spots. But you can use tools for blackhead extraction to remove the offending dirt and oil for clearer-looking skin.

Removal Gun

A blackhead removal gun uses a vacuum that you place over the blackhead to suck the oil and dirt out of the pore, resulting in a cleaner look. notes that some may find the vacuum to be less effective than other types of blackhead extraction tools. Steaming your face beforehand can make extraction more effective. Place a warm washcloth on the affected area for five minutes before attempting the vacuum method. Make sure the vacuum gun that you use is manufactured specifically for the removal of blackheads.


A lancet is a one- or two-pronged metal tool. It is long and thin with a circular end or ends. The circular end has a hole through the middle. With a one-pronged lancet, you place the hole directly over the blackhead and apply pressure to squeeze the offending dirt and oil from the pore. With a two-pronged approach, you place the circular ends on either side of the blackhead and apply pressure to squeeze the pore. Either way, the lancet can be effective when used properly. Too much pressure can break or scar the skin, warns the fashion and beauty website Bellasugar. If you can't easily extract the blackhead, consult a dermatologist for professional removal.

Pore Strips

Pore strips are a largely effective and easy way to temporarily remove blackheads. While not an ideal way to permanently rid yourself of blackheads, they can extract a large portion of the dirt and oil for a smoother, cleaner appearance. Pore strips are formulated with a light layer of adhesive that is activated when wet. Once you dampen the strip, you place it over the affected area and leave it in place until the strip dries and hardens. When the strip is rapidly removed, the blackheads are removed with it. The pore strips are for single use only and must be discarded once soiled.

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