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Tips to Remove Acne Without Products

Tips to Remove Acne Without Products Tips to Remove Acne Without Products

Most treatments recommended for acne involve some sort of product; however, there are steps you can take to help treat mild to moderate acne without adding products to your acne-care routine. Unfortunately, no matter how you decide to treat your acne, there is no overnight remedy, and most treatments will require multiple applications to get the best results.

Steam Baths

If you have access to a steam room, taking a steam bath can aid in treating acne. The steam opens the pores and causes your body to release toxins. It also improves the circulation, promoting healthier overall skin. Shower following a steam bath to rinse off the toxins you just brought to the skin's surface, and rinse with cool water to close the pores. A home face steaming can aid in cleansing; add green tea to your facial steam bath to help promote bringing toxins to the surface.


Though there has been no scientific proof linking food to acne, a healthier body will help you to fight infections. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends increasing foods high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. Foods high in fiber are also beneficial, as fiber soaks up toxins and aids in their elimination from the body. Water is also one of the most beneficial things for skin health. Not only does water help flush toxins from your system, but it helps hydrate your skin to prevent over-drying and flaking.

Clean and Pinned Hair

Clean hair prevents irritation of existing acne and new acne from forming. The oil from your hair can rub into your skin, irritating and clogging pores. If you wear bangs and your forehead is always breaking out, try pinning them back for a while until the acne clears. If you have shoulder-length hair and your shoulders are always breaking out, try pulling your hair up.

Clean Washcloths and Body Towels

Wash your towels and washcloths after each use. Unwashed, they provide a great growing area for acne-causing bacteria which gets rubbed into your skin upon the next use.

Clean Sheets

Cleaning your pillowcases and sheets at least once per week will eliminate excess oils and bacteria from building up on them. Dirty pillowcases and sheets can rub the dirt and bacteria back into your pores, resulting in further irritation of existing acne and new acne development.

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