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Tips on Removing Blackheads

Tips on Removing Blackheads Tips on Removing Blackheads

A blackhead occurs when the skin's natural oils become trapped inside a pore. As the air oxidizes it, the oil turns black. While blackheads occur among many skin types, the Health and Wellness Tips website explains that oily skin is more susceptible to them. Even though most dermatologists do not recommend self removal of blackheads, many people do it anyway. However, caution must be taken. If not done properly, the extraction of blackheads can lead to infection, more blackheads and scarring.

Soften the Area

The Daily Glow website recommends softening the area around a blackhead before attempting to extract it. This can make the blackheads more susceptible to removal. To soften the skin, apply a warm washcloth to the face for several minutes. Or fill a sink with hot water and allow the steam to soak into the pores. Some stores also sale facial steamers that serve the same purpose. To use, just drape a towel over your head and face and breathe in the steam for about five minutes.

Use Gauze or Cotton

Because bacteria can sometimes invade the pore during blackhead removal, Rose Windale of the Health and Wellness Tips website recommends wrapping the thumb and index finger with gauze or cotton. With covered fingers, moderate pressure can then be applied to both sides of the blackhead to extract it. Not only can this prevent infection, it can make sure you do not use too much pressure. Applying excessive pressure can damage the pore. In addition, gauze or cotton can be used to temporarily cover the exposed pore after removal of the blackhead.

Use a Sterile Pimple Extractor

The Daily Glow website suggests the use of a sterile pimple extractor to remove blackheads. This is a narrow tool with a round loop at one end. To prevent infection, it should first be sterilized for five minutes in a pot of boiling water. Gently surround the blackhead with the round opening and slowly apply pressure. This should cause the blackhead to expel.

Know When to Give Up

According to the Acne Helper website, only squeeze a blackhead once or twice. If the blockage does not expel, it is best to let it be. Attempting to force a blackhead from the pore can cause the skin to look much worse and may even lead to permanent scarring.

Use an Antiseptic

When you are done removing the blackhead, the Daily Glow website recommends that you apply some type of antiseptic cream or ointment to the skin. This may soothe the inflamed skin and prevent infection.

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