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The Fastest Way to Clear Skin Discoloration

The Fastest Way to Clear Skin Discoloration The Fastest Way to Clear Skin Discoloration


Skin discoloration, also known as hyper-pigmentation, is caused when internal or external factors increase melanin production in the skin. This produces areas of the skin that are darker than normal skin tone. It can affect small and large areas of the skin alike. There are several quick-acting methods of fading and eliminating darkened areas of the skin for a more even-toned appearance.

Step 1

Wash the treatment area thoroughly in order to remove all oils, dirt and bacteria from the skin. Apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser to the palm of your hand and work into a lather using warm water. Massage cleanser into the skin and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Applying bleaching agents to wet skin will counteract their effectiveness. Do not rub the area dry as this can cause skin irritation.

Step 3

Apply a hydroquinone cream or gel (brand names include Esoterica and Melquin) to the discoloration without making contact with the normal skin surrounding the discolored area. Use just enough to cover the treatment site. Wash your hands immediately after application in order to prevent bleaching the normal skin of the hands or causing chemical burns to sensitive palms and fingertips.

Step 4

Allow the bleaching gel or cream to set on the skin for two to five minutes before applying makeup, moisturizer or sunscreen. Sunscreen should always be used when going outdoors as the sun can inhibit the bleaching process and increase skin damage at the treatment site.

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