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The Best Way to Remove Black Heads From Face

The Best Way to Remove Black Heads From Face The Best Way to Remove Black Heads From Face The Best Way to Remove Black Heads From Face


A blackhead, also known as a comedone, forms when natural oils on your body (sebum) mix with dead skin cells, creating a hard material that blocks your follicles. When a comedone forms below the skin surface, it's called a whitehead. When a comedone forms close enough to the skin to be exposed to oxygen, its tip turns dark and is called a blackhead. You may be tempted to pop a blackhead out of your skin, however, doing so incorrectly can result in a more serious form of inflamed acne forming, such as a pustule or cyst.

Step 1

Cleanse the affected area thoroughly. Before trying to remove a blackhead, use a gentle cleanser to thoroughly wash the area around the blackhead. This helps remove excess oils and bacteria on the surface of the skin. Using a cleanser twice daily on acne-affected areas also can help prevent blackheads from reoccurring.

Step 2

Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil on your stove. Once steam begins to rise from the pot, stick the blackhead over the steam, being sure not to place any body part too close to the pot, as you may end up with a serious steam burn. Steam helps open the pores, allowing for easier removal of the blackhead. If you feel pain, or the steam is uncomfortably too hot, you are too close to the pot. Humidifiers that use hot steam or a moist hot towel can also be used for this step.

Step 3

Take a clean tissue and gently squeeze the skin around the blackhead. Using a new clean tissue to cover your fingers, grasp both sides of the skin around the blackhead and gently squeeze using a down and in motion. This should create enough pressure to remove the blackhead. Be careful not to squeeze too hard as this can push the blackhead further into the follicle, resulting in the blackhead progressing into a more serious form of inflammatory acne.

Step 4

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about professional removal. If gentle squeezing does not immediately remove the blackhead, stop squeezing. Do not try again. Instead, wait for the blackhead to go away on its own, use an over-the-counter blackhead treatment medication (such as one containing salicylic acid) or have the blackhead professionally removed by your doctor or dermatologist.

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