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The Best Thing to Get Rid of Blackheads

The Best Thing to Get Rid of Blackheads The Best Thing to Get Rid of Blackheads The Best Thing to Get Rid of Blackheads

Comedones such as blackheads are obstructions within the pore usually appearing due to acne. This common skin ailment occurs when the sebaceous glands secrete excess oil amounts and floods a hair follicle, the Acne Resource Center says. Contrary to common belief, blackheads do not result from dirt, but instead develop due to the oil and skin debris amassed at the gland’s opening. Removing blackheads requires natural debris-eliminating skin care treatments that also effectively cleanse the skin’s surface without the chemical side effects or expense of commercial products. Always seek the advice of your dermatologist prior to starting a new skin care routine.


The skin comprises of several layers in which new skin cells constantly generate at the dermis layer. As these cells ascend to the surface, they slowly die and fill with the protective protein keratin, which safeguards the skin from environmental deterrents, affirms the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unless properly sloughed away, these dead skin cells can accumulate causing blackheads and other unsightly blemishes. Additionally, enlarged pores often occur because of blackheads. Utilizing a mild yet effective exfoliator helps to refine and minimize their appearance.

For a simple exfoliator, combine oatmeal with milk and apply to the face in circular motion. Oatmeal is a mild abrasive, which helps to lift away blackhead-causing debris and blackheads themselves. The silicon, avenathramides and beta-glucan present in oatmeal helps to soothe inflammation associated with acne and reduce irritation, according to the RN Guide to Skin Care. Alternately, milk provides antimicrobial defense to ward off acne-causing bacteria that can infiltrate pores to promote the appearance of blackheads.


Steaming comedones and lesions helps to open up pores to effectively eliminate obstructions both on the skin’s surface and deep within the pore, states Health News. You can easily expel blackheads using a facial steaming method that soothes irritated skin associated with acne while also using heat to open the pores to purge debris. Over a sink or pot of hot water, drape a towel or other thick fabric around your head to trap the steam. Allow the steam to penetrate your face for approximately five minutes. Follow with an exfoliator to easily lift away blackheads. Never squeeze your blemishes as this can push debris deeper within the pores and lead to further breakouts.


Using a natural facial mask treatment helps to trap and remove blackhead-causing debris from the pore. All skin types benefit from a natural facial mask as it acts as a cleanser, pore refiner and moisturizer. Commercial masks often implore the use of irritating chemicals non-conducive in the removal of blackheads or unsightly blemishes. Using naturally soothing ingredients that also adhere to impurities provides similar effects without the potential skin damages.

Whisk an egg white with honey and milk and apply a thin layer to the face. Egg white naturally tightens pores while adhering to impurities, states the Planet Green website. Honey and milk provide antibacterial and antifungal qualities helpful in preventing breakouts. Honey, in particular, is a humectant, which helps in the garnering and retention of moisture without adding oil.

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