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The Best Sunblock Brands

The Best Sunblock Brands The Best Sunblock Brands The Best Sunblock Brands

What To Look For

When shopping for a sunblock, a water-resistant sunscreen will stay on longer and will not sweat off as easily. The recommended SPF is 30 or higher for the best protection again UVA and UVB rays. You want a product that goes on easily and absorbs quickly without feeling sticky. However, if you have sensitive skin, try one that has no irritating chemicals, even these may take longer to apply and will be thicker. Look for a product that lasts for four or five hours, but make sure to re-apply after swimming or heavy sweating, to ensure protection.

Common Pitfalls

Sprays and aerosol products can accidentally be inhaled, so it is best to avoid them. Also, The Environmental Working Group recommends that you avoid products with oxybenzone, a potentially hormone altering compound, because, "the chemical penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream." In addition, it is important not to get a false sense of security and stay out in the sun too long without reapplying, especially with SPF ratings above 50, which may not be accurate and may not protect against the sun's radiation.

Where To Buy

You can buy brand-name sunblocks in most mass market retail establishments, including pharmacy, discount, grocery and recreational stores. Special shops, such as beach stores, also sell them, as well as on-line outlets. In addition health food and natural food grocery stores sell specialty sunscreen products for sensitive skin and health considerations, but many other places, including on-line sources, do as well. Basically, sunblocks are widely available and easy to find.


Prices vary. You can purchase, for example, five ounces of Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sensitive SPF 30 for about $15, eight ounces of Coppertone Sport Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 for about $10 and three ounces of Nertrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 for about $10. Also, some of the specialty stores have specialty products that run higher.

Comparison Shopping

Dicount stores and mass retailers often carry their own brands or off-brands that have the same ingredients as national brands, but cost less. For example, No-Ad Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 is about $10 for 16 ounces. In addition, these same stores often sell national brands for less money because they buy them in much larger quantities and pass these savings on to their customers. Your best bet is to shop around for the best prices and buy accordingly.


Sunglasses are accessories that may protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, you may want to consider a beach umbrella and wide-rimmed hat for beach or lake excursions. Extra cotton or light weight clothing can protect the skin as well.

Insider Tips

Check ingredients on sunscreen products to avoid sensitivity problems and harmful chemicals.

Re-apply sunblock regularly when outdoors for long periods of time.

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