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The Best Skin Care Moisturizers

The Best Skin Care Moisturizers The Best Skin Care Moisturizers

Moisturizing your skin is a crucial step to having healthy skin. It's important to find a formula that works with your skin's composition to keep it hydrated. Maintaining your skin with a moisturizer not only prevents dry skin, but can keep you looking younger by preventing signs of aging, reducing sun damage and giving your skin a soft and smooth texture. Featured here is a list of some of the best moisturizers on the market for both the face and body. Their ingredients include many of the nutrients needed for strong, beautiful looking skin.

Best Facial Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizers

There is no question that Clinique's moisturizers are a hit with a lot of ladies. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion won the 2009 Reader's Choice Award in Glamour Magazine and the gel formula won a recent TeenVogue Reader's Choice Beauty Award. The lotion is formulated for dry to combination skin, whereas the gel is oil-free and formulated for more oily skin complexions. Both formulas deeply moisturize the skin and last for hours, but without a heavy feeling or oily residue.

Best Facial Moisturizer with Sunblock: Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion by Garnier

The oil-free formula of this Garnier Nutritioniste facial moisturizer is complete with vitamin C, magnesium and lycopene. Applying vitamin C to skin not only helps minimize facial wrinkles and fine lines, but it also naturally protects the skin from ultraviolet sun damage. The addition of lycopene, an antioxidant, in combination with vitamin C also helps prevent skin damage due to UV rays. The moisturizer formula features additional sun protection with an SPF of 28, which is slightly stronger than the SPF 15 found in other sunblock facial moisturizers.

Best Dry Skin Rescue: Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop

The Hemp Hand Protector heals dry skin quickly with a combination of hemp seed oil and beeswax. The hemp seed oil possesses fatty acids and proteins that deeply moisturize skin tissue, while the beeswax serves as a protectant to keep skin hydrated over a prolonged period of time. As an added feature, the lotion is lightly fragranced in a soothing scent appropriate for both men and women.

Best Body Lotion: Olay Quench

Out of the numerous body lotions available on the market, the Olay Quench line features three formulas for differing body types that all claim to be non-greasy and moisturize skin for 24 hours. The long-lasting formulas reduce the need to keep re-applying the lotion several times each day to prevent dry skin, making it a convenient choice. Each formula is empowered with impressive combinations of retinoids, botanicals and antioxidants to protect and hydrate your skin. The normal to dry skin formula boasts chamomile and vitamin B3, while the extra dry skin formula incorporates shea butter and vitamin E to combat dryer skin combinations. For those with sensitive skin, Olay Quench comes in an aloe-infused, fragrance-free formula.

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