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The Best Pore Treatments

The Best Pore Treatments The Best Pore Treatments The Best Pore Treatments

The Environmental Protection Agency asserts that air pollution chemicals, such as methyl chloroform and halons, are extremely harmful to the skin. Black-carbon pollutants, caused by diesel and other emissions, constantly attach to the skin and clog pores. People who have oily skin or large pores are more inclined to experience acne and blackheads. By using the best treatments for your skin, you can keep pores free of impurities and debris.


Exfoliation is the key to keeping skin refreshed. The human body is constantly creating new skin cells at the dermis layer. As these new cells ascend to the skin's surface, older cells gradually die and fill with keratin, a protein that protects the skin. An accumulation of these dead cells leads to bacterial proliferation, causing acne, blackheads and other unsightly skin irritations.

Easy to find household ingredients such as oatmeal, brown sugar and lemon are effective natural exfoliants that are safe for all skin types. Many commercial items contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Avoid items that contain parabens, for example, as the FDA reports their association with certain forms of breast cancer. Consider purchasing formulas specified for your skin type to optimize the exfoliation process.

Facial Steaming

Steaming your pores helps to sweat away and remove impurities from the skin. Whether you're in the shower or bath, the associated steam can optimize your skin care regimen by opening the pores to get deep within pores.
To give yourself a steam facial, run hot tap water in your sink until it is full. Drape a towel around your head and the sink to trap the steam. Remain under the towel for at least one minute but no longer than five. Once your pores are open, wash your skin with your regular facial cleanse or scrub. Rinse with warm water and then cold water--this closes the pore and prevents impurities from entering.

Facial Masks

Using clay or other natural facial masks is effective in trapping and lifting dirt from deep within the pores. All skin types benefit from this pore treatment. Store-bought facial masks usually contain harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the skin. Using natural ingredients provides the same effects without the potential skin damages and irritation.

Combine one tsp. of fuller's earth powder and a couple drops of peppermint extract in a quarter cup water. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes. Blend a beaten egg white with the mixture. Apply liberally to the face and let it stand for 15 minutes or until dry. Remove with warm water and then cold water. Facial masks are most effective after your regular cleansing regimen according to

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