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The Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins

The Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins The Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins The Best Over-the-Counter Vitamins

You may choose to take a daily vitamin to supplement your diet, and doing so will help you reach the recommended daily totals for nutrients that are important for good health, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. However, too much of any of these nutrients may actually be harmful to your health. Your doctor may help you decide which one is right for you.

GNC Mega Men Multivitamin

The GNC Mega Men multivitamin is recommended by Consumer Search, because it balances the nutrients into a formula that fits the needs of men. For example, most men should not be getting more than 8 mg of iron, and this vitamin does not exceed that recommendation. The vitamin was independently tested and contains nutrients that are specific to a man's health. This multivitamin contains B vitamins that are important for heart health and energy, according to GNC, the maker of the product. In addition, the Mega Men multivitamin contains lycopene, a nutrient that supports prostate health, and zinc for a healthy reproductive system.

One A Day Women's

For the same reasons men should choose a vitamin designed for their health needs, a woman should do the same. According to Consumer Search, women should choose a multivitamin that contains 18 mg of iron and 400 mg of folic acid to support healthy menstruation and reproduction. The One A Day Women's vitamin fits the bill. In addition, this product contains 800 IU of vitamin D, which is needed by women to help prevent osteoporosis. The multivitamin also contains D3 for supporting breast health, vitamin A for healthy skin and immunity, B vitamins for energy and heart health and calcium for bone strength, according to Bayer HealthCare, makers of the One A Day Women's vitamin.

Flintstones Gummies

Many pediatricians prescribe multivitamins for children, because kids are notoriously picky eaters, and their health and growth depend on adequate nutrient intake. Flintstones Gummies come recommended by Consumer Search for their child-pleasing taste and the age-appropriate amounts of the nutrients in the vitamins. According to Bayer HealthCare, the makers of the product, each multivitamin contains B vitamins for energy, vitamins C and E for a healthy immune system and vitamin A to support healthy eyes. The vitamins are shaped like the characters on the Flintstones cartoon and come in fruit flavors that appeal to children.

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