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The Best Foods for Acne

The Best Foods for Acne The Best Foods for Acne

Particularly beyond the time of puberty, stress is one of the greatest causes of acne. Stress reduction through exercise (particularly yoga and tai chi), breathing techniques and meditation can help decrease the amount of stress hormones your body produces and thereby reduce the severity of your acne. Reducing the amount of caffeine you consume (through chocolate, tea and coffee) can also help decrease the number of stress hormones you have. Consuming the following foods can also help treat your acne.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The easiest way to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you consume is by making juices and smoothies out of ripe fruit and having one salad per day. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables ensures that your body receives a broad enough variety of vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body in balance, free of toxins and thus acne-free.

Nuts and Seeds

Snack on nuts and seeds when you are hungry in between meal times. Pumpkin and Brazil nuts are particularly effective for treating acne due to the fact that they have selenium and zinc. According to, having a deficiency of these minerals is connected with acne. Increasing the amount of selenium and zinc you consume thus helps you avoid getting acne. Almonds are particularly effective for revitalizing your skin from acne due to the B and E vitamins contained in this type of nut.


Though not technically a "food," water is extremely helpful in treating and preventing acne as it cleanses your skin of all the toxins it has built up from poor diet choices, lack of exercise and polluted air. Drink at 64 oz. of water every day to begin noticing how much your skin immediately improves.


There are certain fats that are considered healthy and can be consumed to help treat and prevent acne. These healthy fats include walnuts, low-fat milk, avocados, almond butter and olive oil. In addition to promoting healthy cell growth, these types of fats can also help your body integrate the nutrients it needs effectively into your body as well as keep your skin hydrated and naturally moisturized (as dryness causes skin irritation, which easily leads into you developing acne).

Maca Supplements

These Peruvian root vegetable supplements help balance and stabilize your body's systems, which normalizes your hormones. Maca also contains many different nutrients including fatty acids, minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine and silica, and amino acids that are beneficial for your skin. You can add maca to shakes, cereal and smoothies.

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