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The Best Facials for Acne Prone Skin

The Best Facials for Acne Prone Skin The Best Facials for Acne Prone Skin

The common skin disease acne occurs when hair follicles beneath the skin clog with a mixture of skin bacteria and oil. Generally, these unsightly lesions and blemishes occur primarily on the face, causing severe emotional distress for acne sufferers. Many over-the-counter beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can exacerbate acne by inflaming the skin, causing drying and flaking. The best facials for acne-prone skin require natural ingredients that discourage the proliferation of acne and promote healing.

Natural Face Buff

The dermis layer of your skin consistently generates fresh, young skin cells that rise to the skin’s surface. As they ascend, they slowly die and fill with the protective protein keratin, which safeguards your skin from harmful external agents. Acne develops when these cells accumulate and clog pores. Using a natural face buff or exfoliator aids in the removal of skin debris and impurities.

For a traditional and effective natural scrub, finely grind 1 cup of oatmeal or almonds in a blender or food processor. Add three to five drops of lavender, thyme or tea tree oil. Oatmeal and almonds are gentle exfoliators that help to eliminate clogged pores associated with pimples and blackheads. The essential oils of lavender, thyme and tea tree are natural antimicrobials, which help the skin ward off impurities that cause acne.

Calming Facial Tonic

Facial tonics are highly beneficial for those with acne-prone skin. Calming ingredients help to close the pores and remove leftover cleanser and other impurities present on the surface. Additionally, facial tonics help in restoring the pH balance of the skin, which can easily go as high as 9.5 due to hard water usage. Many commercial topical treatments contain harsh amounts of alcohol that strip the skin, causing inflammation and drying, which are both detrimental to acne.

For a calming facial solution that relieves redness and swelling associated with acne, puree a medium-sized cucumber and then push the processed cucumber through a colander. Mix the separated liquid with an equal amount of distilled water, which prevents bacterial propagation. Pour the toner in a plastic bottle and store for up to five days. Cucumbers help to cool and calm acne while maintaining moisture levels.

Natural Face Mask

Homemade and natural face masks aid in removing debris imbedded deep within the pores. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports that commercial masks tend to contain additives, preservatives or petroleum-based substances that can irritate the skin, causing further breakouts. Using common household ingredients, you can make a mild yet effective purifying face mask.

In a blender, combine 1/2 cup of finely ground oatmeal, 1/2 of a ripe apple, a 2-inch slice of unpeeled cucumber and 2 tbsp. of skim milk. Consider chopping the apple and cucumber into small pieces for an easy blending process. Once at a uniform consistency, apply the mixture onto the face for no longer than 20 minutes. Rinse the mask off with warm water, followed by cold water to close your pores. This mask helps to reduce redness, oil and blackheads associated with acne.

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