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The Best Face Creams for Dry, Flaky Skin

The Best Face Creams for Dry, Flaky Skin

Very dry skin on your face can sometimes start flaking, leading to a dusty complexion and telltale dust on your clothes. It can also be accompanied by skin irritation, itching or pain. Use a deep-hydrating face cream to help restore your skin's moisture levels and keep your skin from peeling off. The best moisturizing face creams for extra-dry skin also contain additional ingredients to nourish your skin cells with vitamins and antioxidants.

Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

Estee Lauder's refinishing cream is the company's "all-in-one solution to problems such as ... flaky skin," says skin care expert Paula Begoun. After testing its efficacy, she rated it as "very good." The cream comes with various wrinkle-fighting vitamins and antioxidants; skin-soothing extracts to soothe the redness that's often associated with extra-dry, flaky skin; and silicone to help fill in your pores and wrinkles.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 45 Daily Moisturizer

Flaky skin is sometimes caused by excessive sun exposure. Neutrogena's daily moisturizer can help protect against such flaking. It was rated by "Women's Health" magazine's editors as one of the best daytime facial moisturizers available at drugstores. Dr. Jody Levin, a dermatologist who tested the lotion for the magazine, notes that Neutrogena's sun protection factor is exceptionally high. Basic emollients also help fight against skin dryness.

Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 30

Eucerin's moisturizing cream lends extra protection for dry, flaky skin thanks to its moisturizing ingredients and silicone, which Begoun says helps keep the it from feeling too heavy in texture. She liked the extra dose of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which shield against wrinkle-causing ultraviolet rays. Eucerin adds no fragrances to its facial cream so it won't irritate your sensitive, dry skin.

DHC Wrinkle Filler

DHC's intensive moisturizing cream is one of the best products for very dry skin, according to Begoun. In her review, she says this heavy cream uses various natural oils, such as olive oil and rice oil. These oils deeply hydrate your skin surface for long-lasting protection against dehydration and flaking. DHC also uses licorice extract, which can soothe away surface irritation and redness that's often connected to flaking skin conditions.

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