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The Benefit of Skin Acne Treatments

The Benefit of Skin Acne Treatments The Benefit of Skin Acne Treatments The Benefit of Skin Acne Treatments


More sophisticated acne treatments have changed the lives of many people who suffer from acne. While the physical effects of acne can be mild to severe, the psychological effects can be detrimental, especially when the acne occurs in adolescence. According to, the importance of peer acceptance during adolescence and the effect that acne has on physical appearance may cause self and social psychological issues. These factors, in combination with the physical effects of acne, make treating and preventing acne a worthwhile goal. There are benefits of skin acne treatments.

Prevention of Acne Scars

When acne is left untreated, scarring can occur. While treating acne typically requires the use of topical or oral medications and special facial cleansers, treating acne scars is more complex, often involving laser therapies. The increased cost and downtime associated with treating acne scars is one reason that treating acne at its onset is beneficial. The biggest benefit, however, is less scarring, physically and emotionally.

Positive Self Esteem

Low self esteem and warped body image can develop as a result of prolonged suffering from acne. According to, patients suffering from acne might avoid eye contact or grow their hair longer in an attempt to hide behind their hair. Acne on the back and chest can prevent patients from participating in activities such as swimming. Actively treating acne at onset, as opposed to waiting for it to disappear on its own, can preserve a healthy self esteem and a positive body image.

Social Confidence

Especially during adolescence, acne can cause social problems such as taunting and teasing from peers. Additionally, acne sufferers might avoid meeting new people and have difficulty forming new relationships because of the fear of judgment or rejection. However, if acne is treated successfully, the risk of developing social anxiety is greatly diminished. Additionally, once treatment is successful, patients might find that they are receiving compliments from people who notice the positive changes in their skin.


Both teenagers and adults suffering from acne can also suffer related negative effects in their work or school performance. According to AcneNet, acne suffers have a higher rate of unemployment. Students with acne may refuse to go to school to avoid social situations. Careers involving a lot of interaction with others may be avoided. Effectively treating and controlling acne can have a profound positive effect on school and work for patients who will feel greater confidence in their appearance.

Treatment and Misconceptions

According to, it is a common misconception that acne is caused by dirty skin or a lack of hygiene. While not practicing proper hygiene may exacerbate acne, it doesn't cause acne. Additionally, eating certain foods doesn't cause acne. Understanding that these are myths and seeking treatment early on can prevent deep emotional effects caused by prolonged suffering from acne.

While acne does go away on its own for some people, for many it continues into adulthood and requires treatment to stay under control. Over-the-counter washes and creams often provide benefits to people with mild to moderate acne. People suffering from more severe acne may require treatment by a dermatologist.

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