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Teen Acne Treatment

Teen Acne Treatment Teen Acne Treatment


Acne is a common dermatological condition in teenagers. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states the approximately 85 percent of American teens suffer from acne each year. The fact that this is a common condition doesn't make it any easier for teens to cope. Properly treating teen acne can minimize the risk of scarring and other complications.


Teen acne can be treated using over-the-counter medications, prescription medications or cosmetic treatments. Over-the-counter medications, such as salcyclic acid and benzoyl peroxide, are usually used to treat mild acne. Prescriptions, such as retinol and isotretinoin, are used to treat more severe cases of teen acne. Cosmetic treatments like light therapy can be used to treat teen acne by altering the sebum producing glands.

Time Frame

Experts at the AAD states that acne treatment takes at least four to eight weeks. There aren't any effective overnight treatments. For cases of severe cystic acne, the American Academy of Family Physicians states that a 15- to 20-week course of isotretinoin may be needed.


In order for acne treatments to work effectively, the acne affected area must be kept clean. Washing the area after sweating and before bed will help to control the acne; however, the Mayo Clinic recommends washing acne prone areas no more than twice per day. Keeping the hands and other objects off of the area can also help.


Teen acne treatment usually doesn't have to involve a diet change because chocolate and fried foods aren't thought to cause acne. It is important to note that the oils in fried foods can get onto the skin near the mouth and this may cause acne in that area. Because the diet affects the skin, it is important to eat a healthy diet to achieve healthy skin.


Dark skinned teens should use caution when choosing an acne treatment plan because many over-the-counter products can cause drying of the skin and make acne worse on dark skin. Additionally, the AAD warns that not treating acne at all can lead to scarring and other dermatological problems.

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