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Techniques For Cleansing the Face

Techniques For Cleansing the Face Techniques For Cleansing the Face

An adult woman has about 18 square feet of skin covering her body. Skin acts as a shield, and it protects underlying tissues from harm and germs. Facial skin should be cleansed every day to keep it healthy and beautiful. Since the skin has tiny openings where impure matter settles, it is important that you use a special technique to cleanse the pores as well as the surface of the skin. Thorough facial cleansing is a process that involves different techniques.

Basic Cleansing

Basic cleansing of the face removes surface dirt and oils. Your cleansing techniques should be performed upon awakening and before climbing into bed at night. Basic cleansing involves applying a mild facial skin cleanser to your wet skin and gently spreading it over your face with your hands. A generous amount of warm water is used to rinse the cleanser from the face. The skin is then blotted dry with a face towel. A cotton pad moistened with toner is then used to close the pores and further cleanse the skin.


Buffing the skin involves gently rubbing a grainy substance against the skin to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells should be removed from the skin so that the skin can absorb easily your skin care moisturizers and serums. Dead skin cells interfere with absorption, and they also give the skin a dull appearance. Lines in the face are also accentuated when dead skin cells are present. Buffing the skin is also referred to as exfoliation.

Steaming, Cleaning the Pores

Steaming is a technique used to open the pores and soften the debris inside of them. Steam is often administered to the skin for 10 or more minutes via a facial steamer positioned about 18 inches away from the skin. The face can also be steamed over a bowl of very warm water with the use of a towel draped over the head to keep the steam in. This technique also requires the face be kept about 18 inches away from the steam. After steaming the skin, the pores are cleaned out by pressing down on the area around each pore so the debris inside is propelled out. Toner is applied with a cotton pad at the end of this technique to clean off the expelled impurities.

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