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Staph Infection Acne

Staph Infection Acne Staph Infection Acne Staph Infection Acne

 Staph infection is a term used for those wounds and cuts which get infected by staphylococcus aureus bacteria. These bacterias are present on most of the people skin. They are harmless as long as they live on the surface of the skin, but if they penetrate the skin they start damaging the health of the skin.

Acne due to staph infection needs special treatment. Most of the treatments are designed for acne which are caused by the clogged pores. Diagnosis is very important on first step, because every acne is not caused by staph infection. Diagnosis is only possible in this case by certain test carried by the dermatologist. If it is positively diagnosed then staph infection is generally treated by antibiotics.

How these bacteria infected skin?

These bacteria generally enter the body and cause acne, If any cut and wound remain open for a significant amount of time which gives these bacterias to get into the body. In the same way if you have acne and you try to pick and squeeze it then these bacteria easily enter into the body and causes more infection, thats why picking and squeezing is discouraged.

What are the symptoms

They are pus filled and looks like boils. They are normally larger in size as compared to acne. But if they are small they look like pimples and zits. They are larger numbers and present in many parts of the body. Another way of self diagnosis is that they appear on unusual places where you don't get acne generally.

Are they dangerous?

If it is left untreated then they can severely damage your skin, If your acne is same after 4 or 5 days and don't see any improvement then there is a chance that you may have staph infection. At this stage you should consult a doctor immediately. It can be cured completely if proper treatment is provided in time. Natural acne remedies also fare well when it comes to staph infection.

Is staph infection acne contagious?

Staph infection can be spread through the following:

  • if you have skin to skin contact with infected person.
  • If you share accessories like razors, towels, clothes, bed sheets and other sports equipments and toys.
  • If you have any close contact with infected pets.

Treatment options:

if treating this skin disorder isn't successful with antibiotics( some people have side effects and some don't respond to them) you can always use different treatment options like natural acne treatments  which are safe and highly effective.

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