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Soap With Benzoyl Peroxide

Soap With Benzoyl Peroxide Soap With Benzoyl Peroxide


According to, benzoyl peroxide is an effective acne medication that comes in many forms, including a soap that's impregnated with the medication. Benzoyl peroxide treats your acne in three ways: by killing bacteria, peeling away dead skin cells and drying excess skin oil. You can buy it both over the counter and by prescription in the U.S. under brand names like PanOxyl and Fostex BPO.


While benzoyl peroxide is readily available in soap form, the drug isn't safe for everyone. If you have an allergic skin disorder like eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, you should talk with your doctor before using soap with benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide also interacts with other drugs, tobacco, alcohol and some foods, so it's important to discuss its use with a health care professional before buying the medicated soap. Benzoyl peroxide soaps also can be irritating if they're used on sunburned or wind-burned skin.

Correct Use

It's important to remember that soap with benzoyl peroxide is considered a medication to be used according to label directions. You should wash acne lesions with the benzoyl peroxide soap for one to two minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a towel. If you miss a dose of benzoyl peroxide, use the medicated soap as soon as you can. However, if it's almost time for your next dose, skip the one you missed and resume your normal schedule.


Benzoyl peroxide can cause significant skin irritation if it's not applied correctly, explains Medline Plus. When using soap containing the drug, keep it away from your lips or eyes, sensitive skin on your neck, and the inside of your nose. Don't apply products that contain alcohol or other ingredients that dry out the skin. Because benzoyl peroxide makes your skin more sensitive to light, limit your exposure to sunlight, tanning booths and sunlamps. states that benzoyl peroxide can interact with sunscreens that contain para-aminobenzoic acid, or PABA, to cause temporary discoloration of the skin.

Side Effects

According to the Mayo Clinic, benzoyl peroxide can cause temporary side effects, including mild redness, peeling, stinging or warmth of the skin area where it's applied. In some cases, it may cause more severe burning, blistering, crusting, swelling or marked redness of the skin. You should let your doctor know if the temporary effects don't go away or if you have any of the more severe side effects.

Time Frame

Soap with benzoyl peroxide may irritate your skin for several weeks, making your acne worse before it gets better. However, according to, you should see a significant improvement in your acne symptoms within two to three weeks.

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