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Smart Shopping for Acne Creams

Smart Shopping for Acne Creams Smart Shopping for Acne Creams

Though we tend to think of acne as a teen problem, it's also common in adults. There are several drugs that can help clear things up. Dermatologists recommend starting with over-the-counter skin-care products that contain glycolic acid. These can help control oil and slough away dead skin cells.

If they don't improve your skin within 3 weeks, ask your dermatologist about prescription acne fighters. These include topical anti-bacterial creams, such as Azelex; oral antibiotics; estrogen-replacement therapy; and antiandrogen drugs, such as spironolactone, which prevent excessive oil production and new acne from appearing.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that creams containing the ingredient benzoyl peroxide are safe to use. The chemical will reduce and limit the amount of acne-producing bacteria and prevent new acne from appearing.

What to Look for

Though the number of acne skin-care products and treatments may seem endless, they can actually be categorized into three areas: preventative medication, treatments that do not require a prescription and prescription only. Some acne skin-care products are more specialized in their approach and are formulated to reduce and limit the amount of oil in the pores.

Before choosing a product, consider how much acne you have. Some types of products work better if you have only a small amount of acne, while others work better for severe acne. Also, some topical acne treatments are made specifically for people with sensitive skin.

For those with adult acne, dermatologists recommend Finacea gel, a topical prescription medication. This product has azelaic acid, a type of anti-bacterial medicine that is very effective in treating blemishes and pigment problems. Equally effective is the doctor-distributed Replenix cream. It's packed with green-tea polyphenols and has excellent potent antioxidants.

Common Pitfalls

Since a lot of expensive medications rely on benzoyl peroxide, you can save money by getting a generic alternative. Though benzoyl peroxide works well, it is possible you may have a reaction. Any skin-care product should not contain this ingredient at more than 5.5 percent. Be sure that you choose an acne cream that will be gentle and not cause irritation. Also, some products can cause sun sensitivity as well as dry skin.

If you are going to use an acne cream, follow the directions carefully so you get the most out of what the product has to offer. This will help you achieve the best results. Before choosing a product, consider your level of acne and the sensitivity of your skin.

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