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Skintactix and Acne

Skintactix and Acne Skintactix and Acne


If you're looking for something to treat your acne, you may find the array of products available a little bewildering. Although most of the acne treatment products available rely on old standbys such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, several new treatment systems incorporate those into products that include natural ingredients with possible healing properties. Skintactix, for example, offers a series of acne products with such ingredients as cinnamon extract and green tea extract.


Acne represents a perennial problem for teenagers, but adults also suffer from pimples. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you develop blocked pores and then pimples due to your hormones' influence on your skin. Higher levels of certain types of hormones likely will prompt acne formation. Bacteria that lives on your skin also plays a role in promoting infection once your pores are blocked. Skintactix products potentially appeal to both the adult and teen markets for acne treatment.


Skintactix offers 14 different skin care products, all of which can play a role in your fight against acne. The company makes three different types of cleansers for different skin types; two different exfoliators, designed to clear pores; a green tea poultice for most skin types to inhibit infection; a gel and a blackhead dissolver for active acne; two moisturizers; sunscreen; two different scrubs; and a body wash.


Skintactix products are designed either to actively treat acne or to support treatment of acne, according to the company. For example, the moisturizers don't contain any oil, which makes them suitable for use on acne-prone skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you shouldn't use oil-containing cosmetics if you suffer from acne.


Several of the products designed specifically to treat acne, such as the antibacterial cleanser, the blackhead dissolver and the septicide cleanser, contain salicylic acid, which can treat some cases of acne effectively, according to Salicylic acid works on acne by causing your skin to peel and loosen pore blockages. Side effects of salicylic acid can include excessive irritation and peeling.


Skintactix relies on natural ingredients, such as green tea, wheat amino acids, nettle extract, citrus extracts and cinnamon for some of its potential treatment effects against acne. However, there's no peer-reviewed research to show that these naturally derived ingredients work against acne or against the bacteria that contributes to acne formation. The Skintactix website also warns that about 1 percent of people are allergic to the topical cinnamon found in some Skintactix acne products.

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