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Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Combination skin is dry in some spots and oily in others. The area that is usually oily is often referred to as the "T" zone area. The "T" zone is identified as such because the oily area (which is the forehead, nose and chin) is shaped like the letter "T." Caring for combination skin is not as clear-cut as caring for normal, dry, or oily skin is.

Analyze Combination Skin

Examine combination skin under a bright light to establish where the dry areas are and where the oily areas are. Oily areas of the skin may exhibit a film of grease on the skin, blackheads, pimples, and/or congested pores. Dry skin areas may feel rough, and the pores in these areas may be barely visible.

Deep Clean the Oily Areas

Extract pimples, blackheads and plugged pores in the oily areas of the face. You can soften any matter in the pores by first applying warm moist towels to the face for about 10 minutes, and then applying disincrustation lotion to the oily areas. This will make the extraction process easier as disincrustation lotion softens the contents of the pores. Follow the instructions that come with the disincrustation lotion. After removing the disincrustation lotion with warm water, gently press the tips of your cotton wrapped forefingers against the skin to force out the debris inside the pores.

Apply Different Masks

Use two different masks on combination skin. Apply an oily mask to the oily areas of the face and a mask made for dry skin to the dry areas of the face. Remove each product when instructed to by the manufacturer of the product.

Apply Different Toners

Apply a toner designed for oily skin to the oily areas of the face and a toner made for dry skin to the dry areas. A toner that contains alcohol may make dry skin even dryer, so use a toner for the dry skin areas that is alcohol-free.

Apply Different Moisturizers

Use two different moisturizers on combination skin. Apply a moisturizer designed to control oily skin to the oily areas of the face and a moisturizer for dry skin to the dry areas. A moisturizer with a little witch hazel in it is good for oily skin, while a moisturizer that contains rose oil would be one to use for dry skin. Moisturize the dry areas more often than the oily areas.

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