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Skin Care: Getting Rid of Wrinkles on the Face

Skin Care: Getting Rid of Wrinkles on the Face Skin Care: Getting Rid of Wrinkles on the Face Skin Care: Getting Rid of Wrinkles on the Face


Facial wrinkles are a common dermatological complaint. Wrinkles are creases or folds that appear on your face due to numerous factors. The most common causes include diet, lifestyle, sun exposure and the natural aging process. Wrinkles that appear on your face are either vertical lines in between your eyebrows or a series of horizontal lines across your forehead and below your hairline. Facial wrinkles affect both men and women and can make you look old, especially if you have a lot of wrinkles. Fortunately, there are remedies you can apply to get rid of facial wrinkles.

Step 1

Apply the prescription medication Renova (tretinoin emollient cream) to your face. Renova removes wrinkles by sloughing off the surface layer of your skin, allowing collagen (skin protein) regeneration so new skin cells can grow and replace the sloughed off surface skin layer, thereby eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Talk to your physician to avail of this prescription cream.

Step 2

Undergo carbon dioxide laser resurfacing to eliminate facial wrinkles. This procedure is performed by a dermatologist and involves applying a light beam to the face to remove deep layers of damaged and wrinkled skin to stimulate the new growth of healthy skin underneath.

Skin healing is complete after two to three weeks. Effects are not permanent, and you will be asked to return for more treatments after a year.

Step 3

Get an injection of hyaluronic acid to treat facial wrinkles. A dermatologist injects this acid into the affected facial areas to smooth out wrinkles while moisturizing your skin. The results are immediate, but they are not permanent and will last only for about 6 to 12 months. You will need to return for another treatment.

Step 4

Undergo a forehead lift, also known as brow lift surgery. This cosmetic procedure is designed to raise your forehead and remove excess skin in your forehead to remove wrinkles. Brow lift surgery is long lasting and most patients never need another. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about this procedure.

Step 5

Apply a good anti-wrinkle cream to the areas of your face affected by wrinkles. These creams work by sloughing the surface layer of your skin, which contains dead skin cells. It also moisturizes and plumps up your skin to help smoothen wrinkles.

Additionally, purchase anti-wrinkle creams that contain beta-hydroxy or alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids stimulate the production of elastin and collagen fibers that help plump up your skin. Results can be seen after about three to four weeks.

However, once you discontinue using the creams facial wrinkles will return, so this can be expensive depending on which cream you purchase. Consult your pharmacist to ask which anti-wrinkle cream is best suited for your skin type.

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