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Skin Care for Large Pores

Skin Care for Large Pores Skin Care for Large Pores


Dealing with large pores can make you feel like you have bad skin, even when you don't. They can make your makeup look uneven and cause you embarrassment. But you don't have to hide your face. Instead, there are specific things you can do to minimize large pores.


Large pores are larger than average hair follicles. Normally residing on the face, large pores tend to concentrate around the nose and cheeks and can make you more likely to develop blackheads and clogged pores due to their open and receptive state.


While large pores don't necessary come in different varieties, they do show up on different kinds of skin. Combination, dry and oily skin types can suffer from large pores, meaning no one skin-care regimen will do the trick. The key is finding a skin-care process that suits your skin.


Every day, morning and night, wash your face with an oil-free soap or cleanser. It preferably should be free of harsh ingredients such as parabens. Follow this up with a toner. Use a cotton ball or pad to apply it by swiping it all over your face and neck. If you have acne, follow this up with an acne treatment lotion, which usually contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Lastly, apply a moisturizer to your skin. It should be oil-free and will help even out your skin's texture.


Knowing which products to buy is another key component to caring for large pores. Oil-free products are essential and should span the gamut of your skin-care routine from your cleanser, to toner, to moisturizer. Look for ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea and aloe vera, which have a soothing quality and can help tighten your pores. A skin mask made from clay can also tighten your pores when used once a week.


Whenever you wash your face, use warm water. The warm water will open up your pores and allow bacteria, dead skin cells and oil to be removed from them. Once you're done cleansing, however, rinse off with cold water. This might be a shock to your system, but it will close your pores nice and tight, giving you a clean and smooth look all day.

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