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Skin Care for Extremely Dry Skin

Skin Care for Extremely Dry Skin Skin Care for Extremely Dry Skin Skin Care for Extremely Dry Skin


Extremely dry skin can flake or peel easily and become tight and uncomfortable. You may have been born with this type of skin, or it may be brought on by harsh weather. According to "Marie Claire" magazine, low humidity and extreme wind and temperature during winter can cause your skin to flake, redden and become cracked. Treat your skin gently with products formulated to moisturize and provide relief -- and your delicate skin will be soothed.

Step 1

Wash your face and body in the morning with a creamy, moisturizing cleanser or body wash that does not contain soap. "Allure" magazine says that some products can rid your skin of its essential oils, making dryness and irritation worse. The magazine recommends choosing a nourishing product designed for dry and sensitive skin. Wet your face and body with lukewarm water and gently smooth the cleanser all over. Rinse when you finish and pat yourself dry.

Step 2

Apply lotion to your face and body right after you shower to help seal in the moisture. "Allure" magazine suggests using a moisturizer with the ingredient trehalose, which will help keep your skin from becoming tight or irritated. Smooth the product all over your face and body and reapply more throughout the day as needed.

Step 3

Wait for the lotion to absorb, and then apply a sunscreen that is safe for sensitive skin. Even in winter, the sun and UV rays can cause skin damage, as well as make dry skin worse. "Cosmopolitan" magazine recommends choosing a sunscreen that doesn't contain fragrances and that is hypoallergenic and PABA-free. Apply a generous amount to your face and body and put on more during the day if you are outside.

Step 4

Eat foods throughout the day that contain essential fatty acids such as flaxseed, hemp and olive oil. "Marie Claire" says this will help moisturize your skin from inside your body and reduce dryness and irritation. Talk to your doctor before you add any new foods or supplements to your diet.

Step 5

Use the same cleanser to wash your face again at night, and then exfoliate with a gentle scrub once a week. Olga Lorencin Northrup, the proprietor of the Kinara Skin Care Clinic in Los Angeles, says that this will help slough off dead skin and keep your complexion from looking dull. Massage the product into your skin then rinse it with lukewarm water. Pat dry.

Step 6

Apply a nighttime lotion or moisturizer to your face and body. "Allure" suggests using a thick cream with rich ingredients like shea butter for additional moisture. Smooth the product into your skin to help hydrate and repair it while you sleep.

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