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Skin Acne & Nutrition

Skin Acne & Nutrition Skin Acne & Nutrition Skin Acne & Nutrition


Skin acne is a common condition that occurs when the hair follicles just under the skin become clogged.Though not serious or life-threatening, complications from skin acne can be troubling as it may cause facial scarring.The causes of skin acne are generally unknown; though, according to the National Institutes on Health, this condition most commonly occurs in puberty, the teen years and during pregnancy when significant hormonal changes occur. Some say that chocolate, fatty foods and stress are to blame for skin acne, but little medical research has been done to support that premise.


Though not scientifically proven on a large scale, much attention is going toward the area of skin acne and nutrition. One study, conducted by Robyn N. Smith, et al, published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," found that a low glycemic load diet improves acne lesion counts in young men. That is, a diet low in sugar decreases the occurrence of the number of pimples in young males. This information provides an important link between skin acne and nutritional intake. However, further studies are necessary to firmly establish a co-relation between acne and dietary intake.

A Closer Look

In light of the low glycemic load diet study findings published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," it is worth taking a closer look at the possible relationship between skin acne and nutrition. According to the website Acne to Health, a simple approach is vital to having a better understanding of acne and diet. "What is good for your body, is good for your skin...the skin is the largest organ in the body; surely it can benefit from proper nutrition necessary for overall good health."

Good Nutrition Helps

It is difficult to think of a single part of the body that does not benefit from good nutrition. And in that way, we look at the nutrients needed to prevent and heal acne and where to get them for maximal good health. First, B-complex vitamins---B-1, B-6, B-12---are vital to effective prevention and treatment of a variety of illnesses and overall stress management. Stress is well recognized for having the power to rob people of inner peace and calm, thereby promoting mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety, even affecting physical well-being. B-3 may be helpful for its anti-inflammatory effects on skin and even possibly for skin acne. Vitamin C from citrus fruits and vegetables is also helpful for prevention and healing of infections and inflammation.

Young and Old Alike

Vitamin A, also known as Retinal, and Vitamin E, found in nuts, wheat products, broccoli and yellow vegetables are well known for their healing properties and may even help heal facial scars from acne, as is the case with zinc found in eggs and nuts. Young and old alike may benefit from eating protein and ingesting L-Carnitine for skin elasticity. Though acne is a common problem for young people, it may appear at any age, on the face, chest, shoulders and back; a balanced, nutrient-rich, anti-oxidant-rich diet may be helpful to reduce chances of this condition occuring.


Now that we understand that stress and diet may not, by most accounts, directly cause skin acne, we are open to the possibility that they may be contributing factors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including stress management and a good nutrition, is critical for optimal health and wellness. In the event that you experience moderate to severe acne, there is a range of resources available to help you, beginning with your own medical doctor.

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