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Side Effects of Acne

Side Effects of Acne Side Effects of Acne

Acne and its side effects go more than skin deep. Treatments for acne may also cause some side effects, depending on severity of the acne in teens or adults. Acne is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a blemish or pimple that is most often caused by hormonal imbalances or an excess of oil production in the body. For some, acne is mild and goes away on its own, while for others, cases are severe and may last for years. Side effects, both physical and emotional, vary by individual and severity of acne.

Low Self-Esteem

Acne may severely impact a person's idea of self and self-esteem. Embarrassment, poor body image and depression are common emotions found in individuals (mostly teens) dealing with moderate to severe acne.

Hampered Self-Confidence

Self-confidence also takes a hit for those suffering through acne, both teens and adults. Appearance is vital to teens, as well as to how they feel others perceive them. Adults often feel the same way. A poor body image caused by acne may affect a person's ability to work and socialize with others.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress over acne and one's perception of him or herself may lead to social withdrawal and deep feelings of isolation and depression. Many are discouraged to the point of not seeking work, going to school or engaging in social activities.


Acne can lead to scarring, especially if the person afflicted with a bad case of acne picks at the healing scabs on the face or neck. The impact on acne scarring can be devastating, so discourage picking and popping pimples.

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